Disinformation as if the WEF and UN are Planning to Privatize and Control Water

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On April 14-15, 2023, Georgian and Russian-language Facebook accounts (1, 2, 3) published posts claiming that according to the globalist elite, access to water is not a human right and that the world’s water resources should be privatized and controlled by the elites. One of the posts, which is accompanied by a photo of the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, cited the website thepeoplesvoice.com as the source, with the headline stating that the World Economic Forum is ordering governments to ration water. The article by “Thepeoplesvoice” states that the World Economic Forum is planning to control water resources together with the United Nations.

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The disseminated posts contain false claims and conspiracies: The World Economic Forum and the UN do not plan to control or privatize water, they have not ordered governments to ration water either. The “UN Water Conference” held in March 2023 concerned solving the problem of access to clean water and sanitation around the world, as well as the consumption of water resources according to the principle of sustainable development. As for the “World Economic Forum”, in the article published on their website regarding the “Water Conference”, it is emphasized that access to safe water and sanitation is a human right.

Disinformation related to the establishment of control over water by the “elites” followed the “Water Conference” organized by the United Nations in March 2023. Disinformation is thematically part of the “New World Order” conspiracy. A purpose of a similar kind cannot be found in the materials published in connection with the conference; on the contrary, the main goal of the conference is to solve the water crisis in the world, including increasing access to water resources.

The viral posts claim that the “globalist elite” declares that water is not a human right, but in fact, in an article published on the website of the “World Economic Forum” about the conference, it is emphasized that safe water and sanitation is a human right, although billions of people do not have enough of these essential resources for life.

Screenshot 25 3 Disinformation as if the WEF and UN are Planning to Privatize and Control Water

In 2023, the “Water Conference” was held for the second time after almost 50 years. The first “Water Conference” was held in Argentina in 1977, after which the world’s population doubled, and the demand for water increased significantly. That is why the organizers consider the “Water Conference” to be an important and necessary event.

Thepeoplesvoice.tv, a website cited as a source in one of the posts, links the conspiracy to control water to a “New World Order,” claiming that the global elite is taking steps to make people “have nothing and be happy.” According to the article, humanity will be enslaved and controlled by a world government, the new system will include mass surveillance and mandatory vaccination, and the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab will play an active role in this process.

The conspiracy theory related to the “New World Order” is not new; however, after the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has resurfaced once again. For more information on the topic, see the articles prepared by “Myth Detector:”

Klaus Schwab, the founder and chairman of the “World Economic Forum” is often associated with the conspiracy of the “New World Order”. “Myth Detector” has debunked a number of false claims about Schwab:

About the Sources

Facebook account სო- სოფი [So-Sopi], who published the disinformation on the privatization and control of water supply, is anti-vaxxer. The account also owns the second Facebook account Sofia Dvali. The Facebook posts of these accounts have been repeatedly flagged as false information:

Screenshot 26 2 Disinformation as if the WEF and UN are Planning to Privatize and Control Water

The user cites the website thepeoplesvoice.tv as a source, which is an anti-vax website that spreads conspiracies. The People’s Voice was initially marketed as YourNewsWire and later as News Punch. According to Poynter.org, as early as 2018, about 80 fake articles were detected on the site.

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სო- სოფი


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