Has a US court banned chemtrails in airspace?

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On February 7, the Facebook account “Nats Nobi” posted a message that a court in the US states of Texas and New Hampshire banned chemtrails in airspace at the demand of the population. The author of the post, based on the ban, concluded that chemtrails spread diseases and poisons.

qimtreilerebi1 Has a US court banned chemtrails in airspace?

The information disseminated about chemtrails is not true. There is no court decision to ban chemtrails in airspaces of the US states. Chemtrails are actually confused with contrails (condensation trails) that have nothing to do with the spread of diseases.

On December 19, the New Hampshire House of Representatives introduced a new bill on the conservation of a clean atmosphere by reducing pollution in the environment. Bill N1700 seeks to prohibit the intentional release of polluting emissions, including cloud seeding, and control electromagnetic radiofrequency, and microwave radiation.

The bill targets any entity or individual who “engages in hazardous atmospheric activities, uses an unmarked or unidentified aircraft or other air vehicle,” as well as those who engage in weather modification and cloud-seeding. The bill provides penalties for violations listed therein. 

The last hearing of the bill took place on February 8, and the New Hampshire lawmakers deemed it inexpedient to legislate.

The bill did not mention chemtrails at all. In fact, “chemtrail” is confused with a contrail (condensation trail). Contrail looks like a white, line-shaped cloud that results from air condensation of airplane exhausts. Contrail is composed of water in the form of ice crystals and is not hazardous for health. The length of time the contrail appears in the sky depends on the temperature and moisture in the air at the altitude of the aircraft.

The citizens of Texas initiated a petition called “Stop Poisoning Our Families.” However, there is no bill banning chemtrails in airspace.

Conspiracy theories about so-called chemtrails and the spread of diseases through them are often circulated, which Myth Detector has repeatedly debunked.

About the source:

The Facebook account “Nats Nobi,” a.k.a. “Fantina,” often spreads manipulative or disinforming information and creates conspiracy theories, as has been verified by Myth Detector.

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