Information as if the Conclusions of Monitoring the Association Agreement are focused solely on LGBT community is a lie

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On September 6, the online portal Georgia and World published an interview with the leader of St. Ketevan Martyr’s Church in Avchala, Giorgi Razmadze, entitled “Father Giorgi (Razmadze): Georgian government nourishes the EU like a snake in its bosom.” The interview is preceded by the journalist Jaba Zhvania’s remarks, arguing that the Association Agreement report, assessing the implementation of the Agreement with Georgia and discussed by the EU committee on Foreign Affairs on August 30, is focused solely on the protection of LGBT rights only and 45 million granted to Georgia by EU will be spent on defending the rights of minorities instead of economic growth.

Jaba Jvania’s statement is a misinformation and aimed at misleading the reader and stimulating homophobic attitudes. The 8-page report is related to 5 topics, as follows: 1) political dialogue, 2) rule of law and good governance, 3) respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, 4) trade and economic relations, 5) energy and other fields for cooperation. The 45 million euros allocated by the European Union will be used to cover financial needs and support economic reforms.

Lie N1: Report is exclusively focused on LGBT rights protection.

Real fact N1: Report includes 5 topics. Defending the rights of minorities is just one of them.

The report, (presenter Andrejs Mamikins), was introduced by a British member of Parliament, representative of social-democrats Clare Moody. 4 out of 27 items of the report are related to the human rights and freedoms. And besides the minorities are not limited to LGBT community and their rights are discussed together with people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.  This part of the report is also focused on defending women from all forms of discrimination, violence and sexual harassment, increase their participation in politics and labor market.

Lie N2: 45 million euros allocated by the EU will be spent on minorities.

Real fact N2: The EU allocated 45 million euros to help Georgia cover its financial needs and support economic reforms.

In fact, 45 million euros is the amount that the European Commission has offered to Georgia in September 2017. The European Parliament and the European Commission adopted this proposal in April 2018. On August 31, 2018, the EU officially allocated 45 million euros to cover part of the financial needs and support economic reforms. The assistance is provided within the frames of the Association Agreement and it distributed in two tranches. 10 million euros will be provided in the form of grants and the remaining 35 million euros in medium-term loans.

EU assistance per segment

EU is the largest trading partner of Georgia and annually allocates more than 100 million euros to help Georgia financially and technically. These finances are spent to support different fields.


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