Did Xi Jinping Say that Russia Single-handedly Wins over 50 Countries in the World?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On September 14, a Georgian-language Facebook user published the following alleged quote by Chinese President Xi Jinping on the Russia-Ukraine war: “Stop blaming China. China is not helping Russia, but if it decides to do so, not even God can help you. Almost the whole world helps Ukraine. If we see the danger of a third world war, then we will also help Russia. Until then, relax and watch how Russia single-handedly wins over 50 countries of the world.”

The same quote was disseminated by Russian-language Facebook accounts and pages (1, 2).

The quote circulating under the name of Xi Jinping is fabricated. No official source or media confirms that the Chinese leader said these words while talking about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

What is the position of China?

China has been accused many times of supporting Russia during the Russia-Ukraine war. Jinping was the first leader to meet the Russian president since the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin. According to China’s official position, it is in favor of a negotiated end to the war in Ukraine and does not want to “add fuel to the fire;” however, according to investigations by Western media, the country supplies Russia with helicopters, drones and metals.

Despite the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin thanks Xi Jinping for his “balanced” position on Ukraine, and the Chinese leader talks about his readiness to move the world to the “path of positive development” with Russia, no information is found in open sources that Xi Jinping made a statement according to which “Russia single-handedly wins over 50 countries of the world”, “and China will help Russia when it sees the danger of the third world war.”

The authenticity of the quote ascribed to the leader of China has been verified by the fact-checking organizations from Ukraine and Belarus (1, 2).  

About the Source

“Myth Detector” has debunked the false information spread by Facebook user “Tamu Na” in the past as well. The user primarily publishes anti-vax content and also shares posts that have been flagged as fake by fact-checking organizations.

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Topic: Politics
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