Photo manipulation by Sakinformi

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On April 25, Sakinformi news portal released a story titled“Refugee rapes German woman in front of her boyfriend.” According to the story, a refugee from Ghana dragged a young German woman from her tent and raped her while she was on a camping trip with her boyfriend in the Siegaue Nature Reserve near Bonn. The story was accompanied by a photo illustration.

The verification has revealed that the photo depicts not a woman raped in the Siegaue Nature Reserve, but a corpse of a man found dead in the Pattaya Nature Reserve in Thailand.

Photo Manipulation

The photo verification has revealed that it features not a female victim of sexual violence, but an unidentified corpse of a man, who was found dead on a tapioca field by the owner of this field, Somporn Boonko in a resort city of Pattaya, Thailand. The latter notified police about the fact. The photo used by Sakinformi is only a fragment of a real photo (see photo).


The Georgian version of the news story released by Sakinformi on April 24 does not indicate the primary source of information, while the Russian version of Sakinformi refers to Daily Mail as its source of information.

Sakinformi did not indicate the source of information in its Georgian version of news story, while Russian version refers to Daily Mail; the story released by the latter involves quite a different photo.


Photo: Georgian-language and Russian-language versions of Sakinformi’s story

According to the story released by Daily Mail on April 9, a refugee from Ghana raped a 23-year-old woman in front of her boyfriend in the Siegaue Nature Reserve. Daily Mail attached a photo featuring the Siegaue Nature Reserve to the story.


Photo: Photo attached to the April 9 story by Daily Mail

Sources identical to Sakinformi’s Russian-language materials and photo manipulations in Russian media

On April 10, Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda released a text similar to Sakinformi’s Russian-language article with a different photo.


Photo: The April 10 story released by Komsomolskaya Pravda

On April 11, Russian website used the story released by Komsomolskaya Pravda on April 10 as the primary source of information and attached the photo that was later used by Sakinformi in the end of its story. Sakinformi released the same story with photo manipulation on April 25.


Photo: The photo used by in its story released on April 11
Topic: Migrants
Country: Germany



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