Georgian Information Agency known as Saqinform was established in 2010. It operates 4 different domain names, namely, SAQINFORM.GE, RU.SAQINFORM.GE, GRUZINFORM.GE, RU.GRUZINFORM.GE;

Since 2013 the 100% share of the agency is owned by Arno Khidirbegishvili, who is also the chief editor of the media outlet.

The emails of both Khidirbegishvili and the outlet are registered on domain. ([email protected]; [email protected] ; ) 

Like, the domain of Saqinform was registered on the name of Taras Gagnidze, the head of Historical Heritage.

In terms of content, Saqinform and often share and disseminate each other’s articles, and are detected in often spreading anti-Western propaganda messages, circulating homophobic and xenophobic statements, and its narratives largely coincide with that of the Kremlin ones. Sakinfromi often publishes materials of the Kremlin’s propagandist media outlets such as News Front, Sputnik, and

Arno Khidirbegishvili is also an author of the Georgian edition of Kremlin media outlet, Sputnik, and he is frequently cited as a source in the Asaval-Dasavali Newspaper, which publishes openly declared xenophobic and homophobic content, as well as, anti-Western sentiments.

There are two Facebook accounts under Khidirbegishvili’s name (here and here);


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