Pro-Kremlin Media Outlets and Hate Groups Spread Disinformation from Turkish Defense Minister’s Fake Facebook Page

17 October, 2019

On October 14, 2019, Facebook page MSB Hulusi Akar that is a fake account created on July 11, 2018 and allegedly belonging to the Turkish Defense Minister released a fake map, where a part of the territories of Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, including Batumi, fall within the Turkish borders. The map has a Turkish-language caption: “We do not keep eye on anyone’s land; we will simply return what belongs to us.”

On October 17, MSB Hulusi Akar’s fake page was deleted


On October 16, pro-Russian website News Front spread disinformation referring to the Turkish Defense Minister’s fake Facebook page; a day later, on October 17, News Front’s article was shared by pro-Russian online edition Georgia and World. Later, News Front made corrections to its article, noting that the page did not belong to the Turkish Defense Minister and that the Turkish Consul notified Netgazeti about the fake map.

On October 16-17, a number of hate group pages, among them საზოგადოებრივ პოლიტიკური მოძრაობა ქართული იდეა” (Public political movement Georgian Idea), “სტალინი” (Stalin), “თურქეთი ოკუპანტია” (Turkey is an occupier), “ჯაბა მუსელიანის ბლოგი” (Jaba Museliani blog), დავით ჟღენტი (Davit Zhgenti) and სანდრო ლობჟანიძე (Sandro Lobzhanidze) of the Georgian March referred to the Turkish Defense Minister’s fake page and News Front’s article as a source and spread disinformation.

Referring to MSB Hulusi Akar‘s manipulative map, the so called clickbait websites geomediapress.ge and georgians.gr spread the same disinformation on October 16.

pro-russian media

Hate Groups

Clickbait web pages

News Front საზოგადოებრივ პოლიტიკური მოძრაობა ქართული იდეა geomediapress.ge
საქართველო და მსოფლიო სტალინი georgians.gr
  თურქეთი ოკუპანტია  
  ჯაბა მუსელიანის ბლოგი  
  დავით ჟღენტი  
  სანდრო ლობჟანიძე  

The Facebook post and the map released by MSB Hulusi Akar are falsified. The Consul and the Ambassador of Turkey to Georgia noted that the mentioned Facebook page does not belong to the Turkish Defense Minister. The disinformation went viral online through pro-Russian media outlets and Facebook pages of hate groups.

  • The official Facebook page of the Turkish Defense Minister has been fabricated

MSB Hulusi Akar‘s Facebook page was created on July 11, 2018, whereas the official page of the Turkish Defense Minister cannot be searched. Only the official Facebook page of the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey is available, though it contains neither the post, nor any map.




It is also worth noting that Turkish Consul General in Batumi, Makbule Koçak told newspaper Batumelebi that the disseminated map is fabricated and called on citizens to trust exclusively the information spread by officials.

On October 17, the Turkish Consulate in Batumi posted a statement on its Facebook page concerning fake pages in social networks.

Later on the same day, Turkish Ambassador to Georgia, Fatma Seren Yazgan said at a press conference that disinformation has been actively spread recently concerning Adjara and Turkish-Georgian relations. “We saw that over the past two-three days, a huge wave of disinformation is emerging in Georgia against Turkey. I would like to emphasize that the land and maritime border between Turkey and Georgia has been delimited and demarcated,” she noted.

About News Front

News Front is an online edition created in 2014. Registered in Russia, the online edition is available in Georgian, English, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, German, French, Bulgarian and Hungarian languages. News Front recognizes the independence of Ukraine’s eastern regions of Donbas and Luhansk and its editorial policy is identical to Kremlin’s agenda. This website frequently publishes conspiracy theories by Kremlin-affiliated Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva about the Lugar Lab in Tbilisi.


It is not the first time News Front published manipulative and unverified information. Below are the links of articles released by the Myth Detector:

Prepared by Mariam Topchishvili
Myth Detector Lab Regional Network