Joseph Borrell’s Quote on Humanitarian Aid to the Gaza Strip Spread Without Context

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


3On November 30, the web portal “Georgia and the World” published a letter of the pro-Russian politician and journalist Valery Kvaratskhelia titled “Echo of Hell.” The author discusses the comments made by the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, about the Gaza Strip. As we read in the letter, Borrell said: “It makes no sense to give the food to somebody, who will be killed the day after.”

Joseph Borrell’s quote is being circulated without context. In fact, Borrell said that humanitarian aid is necessary, but not enough, because the bombing must stop in order to avoid casualties in the Gaza Strip.

On November 27, Josep Borrell gave a speech at the Union for the Mediterranean regional forum. Borel spoke about the Israel-Hamas conflict in 2023 and the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

Borrell noted that Israel should obey international humanitarian law and the Palestinian people should not be held accountable for the actions of Hamas. In his own words, members of the Union should do everything to reduce the suffering of citizens, for which humanitarian aid is needed.

“It makes no sense to give the food to somebody, who will be killed the day after. We need to stop bombarding and have to avoid more deaths. Humanitarian help is necessary but is not enough.”- stated Borrell. 

Joseph Borrell made a similar statement at the forum held in Bahrain on November 18.

“The suffering of civilian populations will only increase if we are not able to stop this. And we are working on this. We have increased our humanitarian aid. And certainly we have to do more. But it does not make any sense to give me a dinner tonight, if you are going to kill me tomorrow. So yes, humanitarian support is needed, but what is more needed is to stop the cause that humanitarian aid is needed.” – Borell said.  

 Spreading just the first part of Borell’s quote creates the impression that he is saying that there is no point in providing aid to the people in Gaza because they are doomed. Actually, according to Borrell, humanitarian aid is important and necessary, but it is not enough, because in order to help the citizens of the Gaza Strip, it is necessary to stop the bombing.

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