According to a Claim of an Ufologist, “Vaccination Experiments” were initiated by an Agreement Signed by President Margvelashvili

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Reading Time: 4 minutes


On June 21st, the Facebook page of “Free Channel – Ilioni” published a video of ufologist (Researcher of unidentified flying objects) Erekle Shonia, who discussed the pandemic and the coronavirus vaccines. According to Shonia, vaccines used against the virus are not yet appropriately tested; therefore, the whole vaccination process represents a large experiment conducted on the population. Shonia claimed that the utilization of population as experimental subjects is legitimized by an agreement signed by Giorgi Margvelashvili in 2015, which transformed Georgia into a testing site for various medicines.

As of July 6th, 2021, the video by “Free Channel” has accumulated more than 4800 shares.

The claim of Erekle Shonia about the vaccination experiments being initiated by the agreement signed by Giorgi Margvelashvili in 2015 is false. The agreement of the aforementioned content cannot be found in the Database on Legislative Act, and its existence is not confirmed by the Administration of the president of Georgia.

  • There exists no agreement signed by the president that concerns the testing of medicines on the Georgian population. 

Neither the database of the “Legislative Herald of Georgia” nor in the Register of International Agreements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia involves an agreement concerning the testing of medicines.

To determine whether Giorgi Margvelashvili indeed signed an agreement about the testing of medicines and biosafety, Myth Detector has contacted the Administration of the President of Georgia. According to the received response, no related information is stored within the administration’s archive.


  • Pre-clinical and clinical trials of medicines and other pharmacological substances are regulated by the Georgian Law and the international standards recognized by the Government

The trials of medicines and similar pharmacological products for local and external producers are regulated by the Law of Georgia on Medicines and Pharmaceutical Activities, which states that pre-clinical and clinical trials of pharmacological substances must follow the standards and guidelines imposed by the Minister. As for the volunteers involved in the trials, their respective rights are protected by Georgian Law.

According to the Georgian Law, permissions for the pre-clinical and clinical trials are being granted by the Pharmaceutical Action Regulation Agency. As indicated in the guidelines for both clinical and pre-clinical trials, voluntary consent from every participant is necessary. Besides, every patient involved in the trial must be informed about the aims, outcomes and potential risk factors. To conduct trials in Georgia on a legal basis, in addition to other requirements, the research organization has to provide the written consent of every volunteer.

  • Before being imported to Georgia, Coronavirus vaccines have already completed all the necessary trials in various countries.

Vaccines that are currently available in Georgia have already completed trials in various countries. No clinical or pre-clinical of any given vaccine was being pursued in Georgia. Clinical trials of the AstraZeneca vaccine have advanced in the UK since April 30th, 2020, while the largest trial of the vaccine was performed in the United States. Other clinical trials of the Swedish-British vaccine were conducted in Brazil, South Africa and India. Trials for the Chinese vaccine began in summer 2020 and were performed for several months in a number of countries, including United Arab Emirates, Bahrein, Peru, Brazil and Indonesia.

It is noteworthy that the clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccines, similar to any other pharmaceutical trial, were not performed on a population of any given country. In reality, tens of thousands of participants all around the world volunteered to participate in the trials. Trials were performed not only in developing countries but also in developed ones. For instance, solely in the UK, more than 600 thousand people have volunteered to participate in different COVID and vaccine-related research. Tens of thousands of Americans have volunteered in the clinical trials of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

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Other False Information Voiced by Erekle Shonia

In a 40-minute video, Erekle Shonia repeats the same false information, which was identified by the Myth Detector in the past:

  •  Authorized vaccines of coronavirus have already passed the trial stages both on humans and animals. The claim that vaccines are not tested enough, and the experiment is being conducted directly on the population is false.

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  • Coronavirus vaccines do not deplete the immune system. In reality, the working mechanism of the vaccine is the opposite. Although there are indeed different types of COVID vaccines, which cause the immune reaction using various means, all of them support the strengthening of the immune system.

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  • Wearing a mask does not increase the CO2 level in the body. Therefore, the claim that a mask can cause oxygen deficiency and CO2 intoxication is false.

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  • The vaccination program against the coronavirus does not violate Nuremberg Code. Therefore, the information that the doctors and other persons involved in the production of the vaccine would be put on trial similarly to the Nazis involved in the Holocaust is false.

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