Photomanipulation about the building of the European Parliament in social network

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

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Photomanipulation with a title Ironic Symbolism of the Building of the European Parliament has been noticed in the social network recently. It pictures the building of the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the famous work of Peter Bruegel – The Tower of Babel –with an inserted fragment of the building of the European Parliament. According to the caption of the photo, the building was designed based on Peter Bruegel the Elder’s work. In reality, Roman Amphitheaters were the source of inspiration of the designers of the EP building, not Bruegel’s The Tower of Babel.


The dissemination of the given photo on Facebook aims to seed distrust towards European institutions and is associated with the decision made by the European Court of Human Rights regarding the case of Rustavi 2. Based on the 39th article of the European Convention on Human Rights, the Strasbourg court suspended the execution of a decision by the Supreme Court of Georgia, ruling the change of the owner of the TV channel.

Origins of the photomanipulation

The verification revealed that the photo was initially uploaded to a group “Bible and Prophecies” (Библия и пророчества) in a Russian social network – Odnoklassniki. The photo accompanied an article named “Prophecy about Europe… The new Tower of Babel… The thousand years old construction of the world government is coming to an end.” The article holds that a new united world government is being created – the new Tower of Babel, and that Europe plays a crucial role in its creation. The piece also states that the building of the EP is a reconstruction of the Tower of Babel, while Europe is a birthplace of anti-biblical concepts, such as humanism, Darwinism, fascism and socialism. Evil powers have always tried to push European leaders towards unification – which is a necessity for the destruction of truth in the world.

Real facts

In reality, a group of architects named Architecture Studio created the design of the EP building. For them, the Roman amphitheaters were the source of inspiration, not the Tower of Babel. According to the information on the website of Architecture Studio, the EP building symbolizes the foundations of the Western civilization: classicism and baroque, transition of central geometric structures (Galileo) to ellipse (Kepler, Góngora), unorganized geometry and transition from central power to the democracy. Symbolizing the idea of democracy in a movement was one of the main goals during the construction works of the building.


Identical materials on Russian portals

Resembling the EP building with the Tower of Babel is one of the central topics of the Russian webpages that specialize in creating conspiracies about the EU.

Website About the Website Conspiracy The aim of the webpage is to awake people and redeem them from the Laodicean state (an episode from John’s revelation: the Church of Laodicea represents the last epoch, characterized by negligence towards religion) The building of the EP was built under the painting of Peter Bruegel. The EU flag pictures 12 stars. The 12 stars are the symbols of the crown of Saint Mary, the “Queen of Heaven”. Nimrod, the mother of the architect of the Tower of Babel, was called the “Queen of Heaven” in the Babylon culture. Informational – publicist portal The seat of the legislative body is often labeled as “Tower of Eurobabel”. This way, the EU demonstrates its positive stance towards the architect of the Tower of Babel, which, in turn, is condemned by Christianity Русская народная линия is an informational – analytical web-portal. This is “The Tower of Babel 2”, as a symbol of uniting nations under a charismatic rule of the super-dictator. The EU institutions and their formation is a legalization of the world’s satanic dictatorship – under the cover of international law.

About the Tower of Babel

According to the Bible, following the world deluge, people decided to build a tower in Babel that would reach the sky. Furious God confused their languages so that they would not understand each other and scattered them all around the world. The story of the Tower of Babel is a symbol of the arrogance of man.

Prepared by Dali Kurdadze

Topic: Politics

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