NCDC explains how the vaccine is withdrawn using a syringe without opening the via

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Georgia launched the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out with the AstraZeneca vaccine on March 15. The first vaccine was publicly administered to the deputy head of the National Center for Disease Control Paata Imnadze, whereas the first vaccinated nurse was the “Evex” employee Lana Ubilava. The same day videos with captions questioning the vaccination disseminated on the social network Facebook.

In addition, videos depicting stunt syringes have been circulating before and during the vaccination roll-out to illustrate that the process of vaccination was a simulation and aimed to question the vaccination itself.


სოციალურ ქსელში გამოქვეყნებული პოსტები, რომლებიც ლანა უბილავას ვაქცინაციას ეჭვქვეშ აყენებდა, კრემლისტურმა გამოცემებმა და NewsFront Georgia-მაც გამოაქვეყნეს.

ლანა უბილავას გარდა, ფეისბუქ-მომხმარებლების ნაწილმა პაატა იმნაძის ვაქცინაციაც ეჭვქვეშ დააყენა. ფეისბუქ-მომხმარებელი Giorgi Javshanashvili წერს, რომ იმნაძეს ექიმის ხელი ეფარება და ეს კადრები არ ადასტურებს, რომ მან ვაქცინა ნამდვილად გაიკეთა.


Information alleging that Lana Ubilava and Paata Imnadze didn’t receive the coronavirus vaccine is false. National Center for Disease Control confirms the vaccination facts and explains that vaccines can be withdrawn using a syringe without opening the lid via rubber stoppers placed into the lid.

“Myth Detector” contacted National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) to additionally verify the information. Agency confirms that Dr. Lana Ubilava indeed received the coronavirus vaccine. They also explain that liquid can be withdrawn from the vaccine vial without opening the lid via a rubber stopper placed into the lid.

Vaccination of Dr. Lana Ubilava aired on Rustavi 2 TV.


As for Paata Imnadze, TV footage clearly shows the nurse withdrawing the dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine from the vial.


The close-up footage aired on Pirveli TV and Formula TV shows the nurse not only administering the vaccine to Imnadze but also putting the band-aid on the injection site. After receiving the vaccine, Paata Imnadze stated that he feels well and there’s nothing to fear about vaccines.


“Myth Detector” has previously written about disinformation alleging that Dr. Lana Ubilava hasn’t received coronavirus vaccine in Zugdidi.

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