Untrolled: How Turkish Actress Turned into Shamugia to Protect Tarkhan-Mouravi

26 February, 2020

The Myth Detector has identified a fake Facebook account using the name of Nata Shamugia, stealing the photo of a Turkish actress and simultaneously protecting Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi, leader of the Alliance of Patriots party with anti-Turkish sentiments, against criticism in the social network.

The troll commented below the Facebook post of the Myth Detector after the latter shared its February 21 article “What Messages does “Patriot” Tarkhan-Mouravi Get from the Russian Satirical Edition” on its Facebook page. The article noted that the primary source of disinformation spread by Tarkhan-Mouravi, according to which propagating traditional family values became punishable in Belgium, was Russian-language satirical edition, which spreads only fake stories.



Nata Shamugia’s profile picture actually depicts Turkish actress İlayda Çevik, who is best known for playing in the television series, Karagul (Black Rose). The TV series was very popular in Georgia in 2015.


The only activity found on Nata Shamugia’s timeline involves updating a cover photo on November 26, 2019 that, with high probability, is the date of creating the profile.