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1Nestan Ananidze

Nestan Ananidze is a third-year law student at Tbilisi State University. Nestan is currently a member of the “Solidarity Platform” of the “Human Rights and Monitoring Center (EMC)”. In addition, she is a member of the non-governmental organization “Civic Hall” and her civic activism is aimed at the development of the regions of Georgia. Nestan plans to continue her activities in the Adjara region.


Have Russians created drugs against the COVID-19?

Did the passengers who travelled back from Italy on a special flight used violence against a bus driver?

Has EMC Filed Lawsuit against Street Blessing in Marneuli Amid Coronavirus?

"Lika Buchunteli

Lika Buchunteli has a BA in International Relations from International University of the Black Sea. Lika is interested in the topic of international security and studies political and economic aspects of global security, specifics of modern armed conflicts and their impact on international security. In addition, Lika is actively involved in various projects related to non-formal education.


Does Bill Gates Plan to Use Microchip Implants to Fight Coronavirus?

Who is behind misinformation about Lugar Lab spread by News Front and Geworld?

"Nikoloz Gvaridzishvili

Nikoloz Gvaridzishvili is a senior at Patardzeuli Public School. He spent the 2018-19 academic year in the United States as a FLEX exchange student. Nicholoz wants to pursue his career in journalism and media development.


When was the Photo Allegedly Depicting Violation of Self-Isolation Rules in Germany Taken?

Is Ashok Gupta’s Book about Putin Financed by Sputnik TV among Bestsellers on Amazon?

მარიამNatia Gigatadze

Natia Gigatadze has a BA in International Relations from the University of Westminster. In parallel with her studies at the University, she actively participated in various international and local conferences. She was also involved in volunteering with local NGOs and charities. Natia is currently the Chief Specialist of the Strategic Planning Department of the Ministry of Defense.


Does Crocodile Blood Cure COVID-19 and What Is Homeopathy?

A Video Manipulation by What Is Actually Shown in the Video Allegedly Showing the Origin of Covid-19?

nhEto Glurjidze

Eto Glurjidze is a fourth-year International Relations student at the International Black Sea University. In 2019, as an exchange student, she studied International Economics and Trade in Beijing at the North China University of Technology, and since 2017 Eto is a Young European Ambassadors (YEA) of the “EU NEIGHBOURS east” project, which aims to introduce young people to the values ​​and opportunities of the European Union.


Does Nicotine Protect against Coronavirus?

Did American scientists create the Covid-19 vaccine?

ანაNino Gogmachadze

Nino Gogmachadze is a second-year student at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. She is studying animation and is interested in digital media. Nino is also interested in studying media literacy and wants to teach others how to protect themselves from misinformation on the Internet.


Geworld Falsifies H1N1 Statistics and Hails China’s Fight against COVID-19 as Exemplary

1qKetevan Dvali

Ketevan Dvali is a third-year International Relations student at Ilia State University, School of Arts and Sciences. Her areas of interest include international politics and diplomacy. Ketevan is actively involved in various projects, summer schools and workshops. She is also interested in learning German language and reading fiction.


What Did the US Secretary of Defense Say about 5G and Huawei?

დMania Zalaliani

Mania Zalaliani is Tbilisi State University graduate, interested in civic journalism and documentary filmmaking. She is currently working on a documentary film on specific issues in the Ninotsminda region.


Are Walls of an Air Serbia Airplane Decorated With “Frescoes” of Saints?

Is Trump impressed by Georgia’s outcome in the fight against coronavirus?

დTamta Tavartkiladze

Tamta Tavartkiladze is a first-year student at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry of San Diego State University. In addition to her academic activities, she is also involved in civic activism. Tamta was a “Liberty School” project participant, of the non-governmental organization “Georgian Democratic Initiative”. She believes that knowing the right and effective ways to provide information is important for people working in any field.


Manipulation by Mtavari Arkhi TV and Other Media Outlets about Forcible Deportation of Georgian Emigrants from Germany

Which Russian Sources do Progressnews and Hotnews Conspiracy Theories about COVID-19 Rely On?

How the clickbait websites mislead the readers?

ეDea Margvelashvili

Dea Margvelashvili is a first-year student at Tbilisi State University, majoring in Philosophy. Dea is interested in socio-political issues and participates in various types of non-formal education activities. Along with philosophy, she is interested in cultural studies, cinema and fiction.


Can Cash Transmit Coronavirus?

21Natia Makharadze

Natia Makharadze holds a Master’s degree in Social Science (Didactics) from Ilia State University. She is currently involved in the project “New School Model” of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia, working with teachers to create and introduce a new curriculum. For three years she was a history teacher at a private school – “IB-Mthiebi”. She is interested in both formal and non-formal education.


Do Cats Spread Coronavirus?

Did the USA invent a coronavirus drug?

12Nestan Ratiani

Nestan Ratiani is a first-year law student at Ilia State University. She is interested in American history and is a member of the “Iliauni Federalist Club”. Nestan participates in non-formal education activities such as debates, court trial simulations and educational game – “what, where, when?”.


Georgian Clerics as Guardians of Conspiracy Theories

“Russian Cluster” of disinformation and its “internal spread” in Georgia

Has Group Sex been Banned in Belgium due to Coronavirus?


“Russian Cluster” of disinformation and its “internal spread” in Georgia


Georgian Clerics as Guardians of Conspiracy Theories

"Ellada Rizaeva

Ellada Rizaeva holds a BA in International Relations from Tbilisi State University. She is currently an interviewer for the National Statistics Office in Kvemo Kartli on health issues of women, men and children. She is interested in non-formal education and at various times worked with the women’s rights group “Safari”.


Which Georgian Media Outlets Spread Pushkov’s Disinformation?

"Nika Romanadze

Nika Romanadze is a Political Science student at Ilia State University. Nika attended the “Political Academy” of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and was also involved in “Democracy School” and “Drive Democracy” projects of the “EECMD-Eastern European Centre for Multiparty Democracy”. Nika worked on a project: “Media detector”, dedicated to fighting fake news.


What did an American Congressman Pray for and when?

"Teona Sekhniashvili

Teona Sekhniashvili holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the Central European University and BA in Social Sciences from Tbilisi Free University. She was an intern at “Transparency International – Georgia”, “Levan Mikeladze Foundation” and  “Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung”. Currently, Teona is a Public Relations Manager at the “Human Rights Center”.


How did various denominations change the rule of communion and prayer during the pandemic?

"Khatia Sturua

Khatia Sturua is a second-year International Relations master’s program student at the Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences. Khatia completed an internship program at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and worked as an analyst at the Department of Border Police Research and Analysis at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Besides international relations, Khatia is interested in journalism.


Purchased “Humanitarian Aid” – What Arrived from Russia in U.S. and What was Left in Russia

"Medea Sulamanidze

Medea Sulamanidze is a student at Tbilisi Free University, School of Management and Social Sciences. She works for an NGO “Education is Power (EIP)”, planning and organizing non-formal education projects. Medea is interested in journalism, anthropology and social psychology. As part of her undergraduate course, she is researching cultural and political aspects of Soviet history.


BCG or Danish Strain? – Russian “Shadows” in Ukraine’s Healthcare System

Disinformation by Fake BBC, CNN, ABC about Harvard Professor Allegedly Arrested for Creating COVID-19

Which Russian Sources Are Cited by Obieqtivi TV to Accuse U.S. of Creating Coronavirus Artificially?

"Goga Katalandze

Goga Katalandze is a Political Science student at Tbilisi State University. Goga is involved in civic activities, is a co-founder of the “Global Education Council”, a member and a program manager at the “International Center for Peace and Integration” and the “Institute for Democratic Change”. At various times, he studied in the United States (UGRAD exchange program) and the Republic of Ireland (Erasmus + ICM exchange program).


From Sharpeville Massacre to the Soviet Guilt

Does US sanctions hinder shipments of humanitarian aid to Iran?

Four Communicators of Kremlin’s Messages Claim that EU Abandoned Italy and Now It Pins Hopes on Russia and China

qNika Shekeladze

Nika Shekeladze holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Szeged, Hungary, and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Tbilisi State University. As part of the Erasmus Exchange Program, he spent one academic year studying International and European Relations at the University of Linshoping, Sweden. Currently, Nika is an International Relations Manager at the “American-Georgian Education Center LEAF”. He has completed an internship program at the US Embassy in Georgia. His areas of interest include foreign and security policy.


Are COVID-19 Infection Risks Linked to Ethnic or Racial Factors?

Biologist or Spanish parliamentarian? Who is in the photo that went viral?

qAnna Chikovani

Anna Chikovani is a second-year Law student at Ilia State University. She is currently involved in a joint project between the “Georgian Democracy Initiative (GDI)” and the “Center for Constitutional Studies” to monitor the City Court. Ana is interested in civic activism.


Does Georgian Blood Contain Special Particles to Fight COVID-19?

Patriarchate Error: Has the Georgian Orthodox Church Patriarchate Website been Hacked?

qTamar Chkhikvadze

Tamar Chkhikvadze is a student of the Pedagogy Program at Tbilisi State University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philology, Journalism and Mass Communication. Tamar currently works at the Newton Free School. She has participated in a number of non-formal education projects and has internship experience in following fields: journalism, education and public relations. She is actively involved in public and civic activities and is interested in topics such as: ecology, education and state security.


Who Spreads Conspiracy Theories about Human Chipping?

Does 5G Pose a Threat and Is This Technology Linked to COVID-19?

Does Photo Collage Associated with COVID-19 Depict Georgian Doctors?

Are People with Blood Type A or Rh Positive More Vulnerable to Coronavirus?

qTamar Khmiadashvili

Tamar Khmiadashvili is a third-year Journalism and Mass Communication student at Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. She is actively involved in student life and often participates in scientific conferences. As part of the print media training course, Tamar was an editor of a student newspaper.


Did Georgian Doctors Invent a Cure for Coronavirus?

How the clickbait websites mislead the readers?


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