Is It Safe to Transfuse Vaccinated Person’s Blood and Is It OK to Have Sex with Them?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


On March 30, a Facebook profile Nina Marji published a post claiming that it is dangerous to transfuse blood from a vaccinated person and it is not allowed to have sex with them either. The post also claims that the vaccination process violates the Nuremberg Code, which bans experiments on humans.



The claim that transfusing blood from or having sex with the vaccinated person is dangerous is not true. If the vaccinated individual is well, they can donate blood right away. As for having sex with the vaccinated, it does not pose any additional threat for the non-vaccinated people in comparison to other forms of close contact.

According to an article, published on CBC Connecticut on March 12, Tasha Ramsdell donated blood two months after her second dose of the anti-coronavirus vaccine. According to Peter Boucher, an account manager for the American Red Cross, there is no need to wait after the vaccination, and if the patients are feeling fine, they can donate the blood right away.

As Boucher claimed, safety precautions have remained unchanged at blood drives for months: the donors are answering a few COVID-related screening questions and having their temperature taken. Moreover, the donation sites are being sanitized, while Red Cross employees are wearing gloves and masks.

The account manager for the American Red Cross also added that a donor’s blood is not more valuable if they were vaccinated, but it can be more valuable if the donor recently recovered from COVID.

The website of the American Red Cross mentions that if the vaccinated individuals are feeling fine and show no symptoms, they do not have to wait to donate blood. On the other hand, if they are not feeling fine, the waiting time until donating blood varies by the brand of the vaccine.

Going back to the topic of having sex with the vaccinated individuals: The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a guideline for the vaccinated individuals listing all the activities that they are allowed or not allowed to undertake. The guideline does not mention the sex, but as Anne Liu, an infectious disease physician at Stanford Health Care, mentions in her interview with Vice, sex between two vaccinated individuals contains a very low risk of contracting COVID-19. There may be certain risks involved in sex between a vaccinated person and unvaccinated person, who do not live in the same household. However, the vaccinated people can have contact (and sex) with anyone. As Liu claimed, “if it’s safe to be around someone and breathe the same air, then there’s no additional risk from sex above and beyond in terms of COVID”.

Liu also emphasized the fact that “because COVID-19 is respiratory virus, the guidelines for having sex during the pandemic are essentially the same for any other activity that involves close contact with other people”.

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Nina Marji’s post also mentions that the vaccines violate the Nuremberg Code, as it bans conducting experiments on humans. This claim is false, because the participants of the vaccine trials, conducted before the authorization, were volunteers. This corresponds to the Point 1 of the Nuremberg Code.

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