Editor of „Kvakutkhedi“ Speaks of the Death of an Unknown Individual Following the Vaccination Without Evidence

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On April 29, the editor of „Kvakutkhedi“ magazine, Khatuna Saginashvili published a post on Facebook. She wrote that a teacher died after getting vaccinated in her village. She claimed that the teacher got vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine 20 days after the death. As of May 5, the post had 285 shares.

The author does not specify the name in the comments to the post. She has also not indicated age or identity of the allegedly deceased individual. She does not reply to the questions on what the official reason of the death is, but writes that in accordance to the widespread information, the teacher got infected with the coronavirus after getting vaccinated.


The information disseminated by the editor of „Kvakutkhedi“ magazine does not include information about the identity of the deceased or the location of the event, making it impossible to verify this report. Saginashvili connects the death of an unknown person to the coronavirus vaccination without evidences. National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia (NCDC) stated that there have been no cases that could have been caused by the vaccination.

Myth Detector contacted the NCDC in order to verify the information. The lack of information in the Facebook post complicates the verification of information, but the NCDC noted that as of May 5, there have been no cases of death due to the coronavirus vaccine.

It is noteworthy that Khatuna Saginashvili has disseminated unverified information about coronavirus vaccines earlier as well. Myth Detector has written about it:

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