Did Bendukidze Consider Football Players and Models as the Reason for Georgia’s Backwardness?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On December 14, 2021, several Facebook pages (12, and 3) published the following quote: “Georgia was falling behind in terms of development since 87% of the boys who weren’t good at studying were introduced to football by their parents. 94% of model girls were always characterized by a significant lack of intellectual capacity. According to the laws of physics, these two species were attracted to each other, resulting in the birth of 100% imbeciles.” The posts that have been shared hundreds of times ascribe the aforementioned quote to Bendukidze but never mention the source. The quotes were shared in the following public groups:  GEORGIANS IN THE UNITED STATES and Georgians in Israel.




The quote in the name of Kakha Bendukidze has been circulating on social media in early 2021 and 2020 as well. In spring 2021, the following Facebook pages shared the quote: Miniature CrazyErudite,ApotheosisWorld NewsEverything Interesting HereI Know that I Know NothingUs in America. In February 2020, the quote was posted by the Facebook pageReadTime.

The claim that Kakha Bendukidze is the author of the above-mentioned quote is groundless. No open-source contains any information about Bendukidze making a statement of that kind.

Apart from the above-mentioned Facebook pages, the mentioned quote cannot be found in any other open-source related to Kakha Bendukidze. The website “Kakha Bendukidze: 1956-∞“, which represents an archive of Bendukidze’s blogs and interviews, does not contain such a quote. The quote cannot be found in the articles and essays prepared by Kakha Bendukidze for “Tabula”. In addition, videos of public lectures delivered by Kakha Bendukidze and TV interviews recorded at various times available on YouTube also do not contain anything similar to the quote. Notably, none of the posts attributing the quote to Kakha Bendukidze mentions the official source.

“Myth Detector” has also contacted Natia Samushia, a representative of the Tbilisi Free University administration founded by Kakha Bendukidze. Samushia stated that the quote had been disseminated on social media for years now, but no available source confirms that Bendukidze made a similar statement.

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