Visual Manipulation Disseminated Under the Name of Deutsche Welle

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On February 19, 2024, Russian-language Facebook accounts published a post claiming that the border between Russia and Ukraine was erased on the map shown in the Deutsche Welle story. As proof of this, the author of the post published a photo with the logo of Deutsche Welle, where Ukraine is indeed represented as a part of Russia.

Deutsche Welle

The disseminated photo is altered. In fact, the Russian-Ukrainian border was not erased in the DW story. The map shown in the story drew borders between the two countries within their internationally recognized borders.  

The published photo was initially distributed on Russian Telegram channels. Notably, some of them also share a video clip from the story, where the Russian-Ukrainian border is erased, and the circulated photo is also taken from this part.

In order to verify the information, “Myth Detector” searched for the original story published by “Deutsche Welle”, which talks about the nuclear weapons of the US and European countries. In the authentic video, the border between Ukraine and Russia is visible and is drawn in the same way as it is established in internationally recognized norms.

Deutsche Welle

False information in the name of “Deutsche Welle” spread by Russian-language Facebook and Telegram accounts has been debunked by “Myth Detector” many times in the past. It is important to note that most of them aimed to discredit Ukraine. Read more in the “Myth Detector” articles:

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