Close human contact or 5G network – Where does the corona spread from?

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Reading Time: 4 minutes


What is the 5th Generation (5G) network? 

5th Generation (5G) wireless network offers an opportunity to provide a significantly higher speed of mobile internet connection, approximately 10-20 times faster than other current networks.  The main advantages of a 5G network are a higher capacity that provides the connection of more devices in one period; more optimal use of radio frequency spectrum; more stable and continuous connection that will generate a technological foundation for future services.

Previous generations of mobile technologies provided communication through voice, SMS, and internet services. 5G technology aims to develop “industrial communication” to assist the digitalization of the economy and global transformation.

Why do we need a 5th Generation (5G) network?

Studies show that the rate of demand on various devices and subsequently, the internet connection has increased several-fold compared to last year, digital technology incorporates itself in human daily life and we consume more and more internet resources. They estimate that more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the network by 2030 and a fast internet connection will be required for their smooth operation.

5G network architecture is calculated in a way that enables the provision of services on a macro cell level, as well as micro cell level.  The mentioned technology is considered the primary cornerstone for the development of an industrial “revolution” because of these advantages and features.

When will we have a 5th Generation (5G) network in Georgia?

At the end of 2019, Georgian National Communication Commission drew up a document, 5G Development Strategy for the commission to be able to provide transfer of frequency spectrum assigned to 5G into temporary possession if necessary, in case mobile operators express their interest; simultaneously we read the following in the document: “By 2020 5G-based service should be launched in a test mode in at least one geographical area in accordance with a drawn up and approved strategy and action plan”.

The provision of the 5th communication network requires a multi-million investment from operators. Nowadays, there’s no such necessity in the world, but this day might come in 3-4 years due to increased demand, everything will be connected to the internet: TVs, washing machines, smartphones, self-driving smart cars. In Georgia demand on the internet is quite high and sooner or later requiring access to a 5G network will be necessary as well.

5G network and spread of coronavirus

The whole world started to speak about the new 5G communication network and its’ possible link to the spread of the coronavirus. Opinions surfaced at the beginning of the year that not only does 5G network spread the virus, but at the same time causes damage to the human immune system and that’s why the complications caused by coronavirus infection occurs, increasing the morbidity rate.

Healthcare officers and scientists of various fields tried to refute the myth, they stated that this is “the worst type of fake news”, that 5G network doesn’t have any effect on the spread of the coronavirus, that the radio waves transferred through 5G network aren’t harmful to humans, but closing once opened “Pandora’s Box” didn’t turn out to be as easy as expected. People “inspired” by this conspiracy theory took part in massive demonstrations and burned down 5G transmitters in numerous countries in Europe.


Despite the fact that almost 150 years passed since the discovery of Clerk Maxwell and Heinrich Hertz, it seems that mankind has great knowledge about radio waves, but many peculiarities were still attributed to 5G. In truth, non-ionizing low-frequency radio waves of 5G network don’t cause the breakage of chemical bonds in DNA nor the damage to the immune system. The Illustration shows the wave frequency radiated by the 5G network and some devices. UV rays, x-rays, and gamma rays have high permeability, they cause atomic ionization in the cells of living beings, as well as serious harm in case of high-dose radiation.

Preposterous, false assumptions about the 5th generation network have reached such heights, that the World Health Organization has created a special informative display, which states:

  • Infections caused by coronavirus are not spread by 5G network,
  • The virus does not move through radio waves and mobile networks,
  • People in countries where 5G network is yet to be implemented are infected with Covid-19 as well.

The only way the virus can spread is through close contact with an infected person. Various researches have proven, that a person infected by Covid-19 spreads droplets in which the concentration of coronavirus is high, through coughing, sneezing, or talking and these droplets fall on different hard surfaces. Those around get infected by inhaling these droplets or touching their eye mucosa with unclean hands.


Mari Murtskhvaladze
Associate Professor of Ilia State University, Manager of Molecular Genetics Laboratory of Institute of Ecology

Scientific blog was prepared by Media Development Foundation (MDF) with the financial support of Back Sea Trust (German Marshall Fund). Opinions expressed in the article belongs to the author and might not reflect the opinions of Black Sea Trust. 


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