Fake treatment: Did the Georgian doctor create a drug against the coronavirus?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On September 2020 Tvalsazrisi.ge shared a March 9, 2020 interview with Zurab Kumsiashvili with the title “Zurab Kumsiashvili has created the drug “Nano Silk” against the coronavirus!”.  In the interview, it’s stated that a scientist of the Bioengineering Center of Georgian Technical University, Zurab Kumsiashvili created the drug that is effective in treating people infected with coronavirus, as well as preventing it. The interview indicated the detailed instruction on how to use the drug and contact information for people interested in purchasing the drug.


Zurab Kumsiashvili: “Nano Silk” created in our center is the best nano-barrier for any virus, which maximally prevents the virus from infecting the healthy cells and obstructs any viral attack… These drugs can be used by both infected and healthy individuals”.

The article disseminated on Tvalsazrisi.ge popularizes unregistered drug and the method of treatment against the coronavirus using this drug.  According to the World Health Organisation, there is no medication at this stage that can help prevent or cure the coronavirus.

The interview published on Tvalsazrisi.ge not only generally discusses the characteristics of the medication created by Zurab Kumsiashvili, but also indicates in detail the method of use, doses, and frequency of the drug. The interview indicates the office address and telephone number of Zurab Kumsiashvili’s center, as well as the Facebook page link.

Neither Zurab Kumsiashvili nor Tvalsazrisi.ge say anything about whether the drug has any kind of license or certification that confirms its’ safety and quality, or if the drug is officially registered. “Myth Detector” contacted LEPL Regulation Agency for Medical and Pharmaceutical Activities to verify the information. Drug Registration and Permit Division of the Agency told “Myth Detector” that Zurab Kumsiashvili didn’t apply for the registration of the mentioned drug as “Anti-corona virus medication”.

According to the analytical tool crowdtangle, as of September 23, the link of the interview published on Tvalsazrisi.ge has 935 shares.


Tvalsazrisi.ge first disseminated the information on the creation of an anti-coronavirus drug by Zurab Kumsiashvili in March 2020. Zurab Kumsiashvili was one of the Georgian doctors who spread information about the creation of fake anti-coronavirus drugs and misled the public. On the mentioned topic, you can read the fact-checks prepared by “Myth Detector”.

Violation: False treatment
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