Most widespread 200 lies of Russia

19 January, 2016

In order to achieve its various propagandist purposes during ongoing hybrid war in Ukraine, Russian media repeatedly tries to manipulate with such sensitive issues as infants, elders and Orthodox Church. In this regard, quite diverse myths are created. They are very far from reality and sometimes even curious. Web-portalRussia Lies reports about 200 most widespread lies of Russia.

The photograph of a muddy little girl was disseminated in the social network with the information, that the girl was the victim of the Ukrainian Military’s shelling in Donbass.


In reality, this photo won the Annual Amateur Photographic Competitionannounced by  Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association in Australia in 2010. The photo was taken by Katherine Atkins. It represents her three year old Emily with a puppy under one arm. According to Katherine, Emily adores her dog and loves to play in the mud.