Russo-Georgian Border or the US? How was the Edited Video linked with the Second Advent?

26 August, 2021

The video initially published by the Facebook page “Ruter Cutting” on August 22nd, 2018, has recently resurfaced on social media. The video shows unusual circular motion in the sky. The post claims that the mysterious event is happening at the border of Russia and Georgia and hits on the approaching of the ‘Second Advent.’ The post's author also claims that the Patriarch Kirill of Moscow proclaimed the event as an embodiment of the Russian sins committed before Georgia. As of August 26th, the post has accumulated more than 44 000 shares.


The circulated post contains video manipulation elements. The video is edited by software and assembled using a picture taken in the US in 2003. An English YouTube channel disseminated a similar version of the video in 2017, which claimed that the video was proof of extraterrestrial existence.

The picture used to create the video was taken in Tennessee, US, in 2003 by Wayne Carter. The image showcases an interesting but scientifically inexplicable phenomenon. The photo was sent to the meteorologists, who assumed that the circles were created as a result of a circular ascent of warm air masses.


The video was first published on the Youtube channel “All Awesome,” which claimed that the video encompassed the footages of extraterrestrial existence. One of such footages was a video created by the edited version of the mentioned picture. The picture was edited using mirroring, cropping and moving, which is easily detectable on the following shot:


The YouTube channel “All Awesome” was known for disseminating false and manipulative content regarding unidentified flying objects. The selected channel is no longer accessible today. 

The video shared by the Facebook page "Ruter Cutting” represents a cropped part of the video shared by “All Awesome” in 2017. The scale is enlarged so that the second circle is hard to notice; nonetheless, after close examination, the second circle can be seen as well. The video also includes the shots of trees that appear in the video of 2017 as well. 


As for the Facebook account “Ruter Cutting,” the page offers ruter cutting services to the customers, and most of the published content corresponds to this service. Nonetheless, the page rarely posts about religious events, miracles and the Second Advent.



Prepared by Rati Kobakhidze
Myth Detector Lab

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