Will the Apple Vinegar and Iodine Solution Protect you from Coronavirus?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Reading Time: 2 minutes


On February 28, Georgian web page hotnews.ge published an article, titled “The apple vinegar and iodine will protect you from coronavirus – Turkish doctors’ recommendations”. The author of the publication advises readers to swab nostrils with cotton bud soaked in iodine, and to gargle with the apple vinegar.


Since February 28, hotnews.ge’s article has 470 Facebook shares and more than 1200 interactions, in total.


According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the most effective method of protecting against coronavirus is frequent hand-washing and disinfecting of the surfaces of the subjects with special liquids. The information about combating coronavirus with the apple vinegar and iodine is not based on any scientific justification and moreover, on any reliable source. 

The World Health Organization periodically debunks the myths related to coronavirus on its website and since the outbreak, has been publishing recommendations on how people can protect themselves in the most effective way. WHO’s main recommendation is frequent hand-washing and disinfecting the surfaces of the objects. Frequent hand-washing destroys all viruses on the hands. In turn, a person will avoid infection in case of touching his eyes, mouth or nose.

Numerous news and superstitions have been spread in social networks about the coronavirus discovered in China and the ways to protect from it. It was reported that garlic and vinegar were used for prevention. Rinsing nasal cavity with saline solution and taking warm baths were also considered to serve as prevention. However, the World Health Organization calls such information a myth.

About hotnews.ge 

hotnews.ge is a Georgian online edition that was registered in 2017. There is no information about the organization, its editorial boards and the authors of the materials on the web-page.

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