Who spreads the Russian conspiracy about the World Bank strategy 2025?

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Reading Time: 5 minutes


On September 30, Facebook user Shore Shanidze published Nino Bregadze’s post on her personal profile, according to which World Bank has established the pandemic period until 2025. Post also discusses World Bank financing current experiments in developing countries and Georgia’s participation in it. Shanidze also writes that they have been working on a coronavirus vaccine since 1970.





Shore Shanidze, Facebook user: “Project is for the whole world… Project starts on April 2, 2020, and ends ( L I S T E N ) on March 31, 2025 … i.e,  they will mock and torture us in this situation for another 5 years… i.e., deadline of “pandemic” is set by the World Bank … it will take 5 years to create totalitarian society…which will transition step by step with gradual obstructing … Countries are generously financed to fulfill all parts of the project, for example, online lessons, mask regime and closing churches itself… what more can I say… i.e., they basically opened the “prison” door from the inside?!  Apparently, they have been working on the coronavirus vaccine since 1970…”

Shore Shanidze’s post is false and is the Georgian translation of Russian conspiracy theory on the pandemic. In reality, the World Bank’s document consists of strategies and a scheduled step-by-step plan that comprises projects that run untill 2025 to deal with the damage caused by Covid-19.

  • Actual plan of the World Bank

Facebook post discusses the document that was created on April 2, 2020, as a “first set of emergency support for developing countries around the world for coronavirus response.”


Document is public and any interested person can access the full text on the World Bank’s webpage.

Plan created in April amounted to 1,9 billion-worth of aid to 25 countries at an early stage. The expected closing date for all planned and scheduled projects was indicated to be 2025.


The budget and number of countries under the coverage increased after the first plan was developed. In this regard, the latest information was updated on the World Bank’s webpage on September 28. Per the World Bank’s plan, currently, 100 developing countries receive aid to deal with damages caused by the coronavirus. The list includes Georgia. On the World Bank’s webpage, projects for each country, as well as details regarding it are accessible to the public.


In the case of Georgia, we read that the World Bank will provide 80 million dollars to mitigate and address the health and social impacts of the COVID-19. Moreover, it also started collaborating with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to provide additional 160 million dollars.

  • Work on the development of coronavirus vaccine

At the end of Shore Shanidze’s post, it is said that they have been working on the coronavirus vaccine since 1970. No information about developing coronavirus vaccine since 1970 can be found on the internet, albeit the virus itself was discovered a few years before in the 1960s. Acceding to the NCBI study, vaccine development efforts started after the widespread of this type of the virus, in particular, following the SARS (one of the strains of coronavirus) epidemic outbreak in 2002, but the vaccine that would have an adequate immune response in patients couldn’t be developed because of specific structural and functional characteristics of the virus.

  • Dissemination of the post and the author 

Nino Bregadze’s post has 21 shares, Shore Shanidze’s – 63 in total. Shanidze herself manages the group “Happy Nation” that was created on April 18, 2020. Shanidze sharedWorld Bank conspiracy in her group on September 30.


Nino Bregadze frequently posts various conspiracies on her Facebook page and cites videos from different Russian Youtube channels as a source.


Shore Shanidze is also active in other groups such as “Anti-Masonry”, “New World Order (NWO) of “Anti-Christ”; „Anti-Ecumenism”, “United Public Movement for Saving the Nation”. These groups deny the pandemic and spread various conspiracies related to coronavirus.


Shore Shanidze has spread the disinformation about coronavirus before. On June 23, in her Facebook post, Shanidze claimed that Giorgi Gakharia and Boris Johnson have signed the mandatory vaccine. You can read more about this disinformation in the article of “Myth Detector”.

  • Original source of conspiracy

Shore Shanidze’s and Nino Bregadze’s posts are the translation of Russian conspiracy.

Nino Bregadze indicates the video of Russian Youtube channel Лопатин Евгений Борисович (Lopatin Evgeny Borisovich) uploaded on September 23 as her original source.


The mentioned video has appeared on youtube on September 10 for the first time and it was first published by the youtube channel “Чудеса Святого Отрока Вячеслава” (“Miracles of the Holy Vyacheslav) with the title “ТОЧНАЯ ДАТА ОКОНЧАНИЯ ПРОЕКТА “COVID-19”. КОСМИЧЕСКАЯ ВАКЦИНА” – The Exact Ending Date of the Project “COVID-19”, Space Vaccine”.


In the first part of the video, the author reviews the World Bank’s document and emphasizes that 2025 indicates the end date of the pandemic. The second part of the video is dedicated to the coronavirus vaccine and the author uses various conspiracy theories including the harmful nature of the 5G network and the risk of spreading the virus through smartphones.

In addition to coronavirus-related disinformation, both these youtube channels have spread the fabricated video about the ants saving the icon, regarding which Myth Detector has previously written the article.


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