Who Fabricated the Information in the Name of AnsaMed about the Deaths in Israel?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


On July 30th, Facebook user Zurab Kumsiashvili published a screenshot containing the logo of the Italian outlet AnsaMed. Kumsiashvili does not indicate the information source; nonetheless, the title indicates that “out of 20 COVID-related deaths of yesterday, 15 were vaccinated and, according to the Ministry of Health, they all died in a lighter form.”


The screenshot published by Zurab Kumsiashvili is fabricated. The information, as if the Health Ministry of Israel declared that the vaccinated patients died “in a lighter form,” cannot be found neither on the AnsaMed webpage nor any other open source. Not to mention, the fabricated screenshot differs from the design of the original website, as it does not indicate the publishing date and time of the article and any other social media sharing tool.

The screenshot concerning the Italian outlet is fabricated, as the information of similar content can be found neither on the webpage of ansamed.info nor in any other open source.

The same was confirmed by the Italian fact-checking organization Bufale.net. Their article also mentions that the phrase “dies in a lighter form” is a mockery towards the vaccinated people, because as scientists note, vaccinated people can be still infected, nonetheless compared to the not-vaccinated ones, they have the virus “in a lighter form.”

The latest information about Israel is dated back to July 30th on the AnsaMed website, and it concerns the third dose of the vaccines. By closely examining this article, one can easily detect the differences between the screenshot and the original. For instance, details such as the publication date and time, as well as the share and print options, are nowhere to be found.


Israel is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of vaccination rate, where almost 60% of the population is fully vaccinated. Although Israel experienced an increase in infection numbers, the majority of the vaccinated people experienced only mild symptoms. For more details regarding the effectiveness of the vaccination, see the article of “Myth Detector:”

Who is Zurab Kumsiashvili?

Zurab Kumsiashvili, the user who shared the fabricated screenshot, has been spotted spreading COVID-related disinformation even before.  In September 2020, during an interview with the pro-Kremlin outlet Tvalsazrisi.ge, Kumsiashvili claimed that he had created a COVID-19 medication. Later investigation found that Kumsiashvili never even contacted the Medical and Pharmaceutical Activities Regulation Agency to register his new treatment.

For more on the previous disinformation spread by Kumsiashvili, see the articles of the “Myth Detector:”

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