Where Was the Photo by Haqqin.az, Allegedly Showing the Transit of Military Equipment, Taken?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Reading Time: 2 minutes


An Azerbaijani pro-government media haqqin az published an editorial on July 19 mentioning that military equipment had been imported to Armenia through Georgia. Georgia denied the allegations. In response, on July 21, haqqin.az published two photos showing the military equipment.


Using open sources, Myth Detector determined the location of one of the photos published by the Azerbaijani pro-government media. Myth Detector explicitly states that verifying geolocation only allowed to determine the location, not what is being transported or when was the photo taken – these circumstances remain unclear for us at the current stage.

Details given on the photo, satellite images, as well as photo and video materials on the Internet allow us to conclude that the photo has been taken on the Georgian side of Sadakhlo border crossing.



A video, taken in 2019 from a car by one of the users, has been found on Google and it precisely matches the location of the photo published by haqqin.az. Analysis of the user-uploaded video allowed us to determine the location of the photo.



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