What is “Barcode of Life” and why did Reuters Fail to Track down Celeste Solum?

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Reading Time: 4 minutes


On May 3, Facebook account “ბოლო ჟამის ქრისტიანები” (End Time Christians) shared a link to the video uploaded on Rumble, an online video platform. The video titled “Former FEMA [U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency] employee Celeste Solum about mass depopulation, artificial intelligence” covers the issue of COVID-19 vaccines. According to the three-minute video, COVID-19 pandemic is part of a plan to create new form of life aimed at creating a new type of a human being through uniting robotics and biology as well as destructing “old human beings” by 2025. Celeste Solum notes that COVID-19 vaccines and face masks contain a hydrogel that will be used as a microchip in a human body, that will enter the brain and connect people to quantum computers. Solum also claims that vaccination is part of the Rockefeller program “The Barcode of Life” aimed at assigning barcodes to people and transforming them biologically.

An identical video was also shared by Facebook user Dato Salukvadze on May 3. Both Dato Salukvadze and “ბოლო ჟამის ქრისტიანები” linked Solum’s video to the part of Georgian Patriarch Ilia II’s Easter epistle, where he said that robots and artificial intelligence would complement human inferiority.

As of May 10, 2021, Dato Salukvadze’s post has over 2,500 shares, while the video posted on Rumble was shared to Facebook by 248 users.

The video, as well as its caption, spread on social media contains disinformation. In fact, neither the authorized COVID-19 vaccines, nor face masks contain any hydrogel. The information as if the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccination program are parts of “the Barcode of Life” aimed at biological transformation of people is also false. Moreover, the claim as if the purpose of vaccination is to merge people with robots and connect them to quantum computers is part of a conspiracy theory and there is no evidence to prove it. In addition, Celeste Solum has never worked for FEMA.

  • The Barcode of Life is an international scientific project aimed at creating a universal identification system of all living organisms and it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. 

The Barcode of Life is an international consortium, uniting scientists from various countries in a joint research project. Biologists, natural history museums, herbologists and zoologists are cooperating to create DNA-based identification system and open digital databases to ensure that all living organisms on earth, their populations and species are easily classified. DNA barcoding will be widely used in various biodiversity and natural history studies. Dr Richard Lane, director of science at London’s Natural History Museum, clarified that presently, about 1.7 million species are known, while actually there are tens of millions of species on Earth and scientists have studied only 0.001% of them. Thus, the Barcode of Life is an important tool for discovering and identifying new forms of life.

The International Barcode of Life Consortium was established in 2008 and presently, the organization is implementing the second phase of the project in frames of which barcode coverage will be extended to about 2 million species. Contrary to Celeste Solum’s claims, the Barcode of Life does not imply biological transformation of living organisms and human life or human barcoding. Neither does the project have any links to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Neither the coronavirus, nor face masks contain hydrogel. The claim as if it is possible to enter human brains through vaccines and connect them to quantum computers is false. 

Hydrogel is a new class of functional polymer materials with excellent water absorption and high water retention. Scientists are widely using it for various purposes, including in the sphere of medicine. However, neither COVID-19 vaccines nor face masks contain any hydrogel. Thus, the claim as if hydrogel included in vaccines will absorb water from human body, enter brain tissue and connect a human to quantum computer is absolutely groundless.

Identical disinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and hydrogel was also spread by American doctor Carrie Madej and it is very popular among anti-vaccine groups.

See detailed information about hydrogel and vaccines in Myth Detector’s article: What do we know about microneedles and ID 2020 Alliance?

  • About Celeste Solum

According to the caption of the video posted on Rumble, Celeste Solum is a former employee of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In June 2020, Reuters fact checked another video featuring Celeste Solum, where she claims that the purpose of testing for COVID-19 is to harvest blood and obtain genetic information. To verify whether Solum really worked for FEMA, Reuters contacted the agency. A FEMA representative told Reuters via email that the agency “has no record of a Celeste Solum having ever been a FEMA employee.”

When searching Celeste Solum on Google, we found her YouTube channel, as well as the book written by her “The Seven Thunders” and a website  celestialreports.com. In a brief video posted on the website, Celeste Solum says that she is an investigator, researcher, author and broadcaster, trying “to debunk the medical establishment narrative with concrete evidence that you need to know to make wise decisions”, because what people know about pathogens “is not true, it is a lie.” Celeste Solum offers registration for her webinars to receive information about “global experiments” carried out by dark forces.

As for Solum’s book, its annotation reads that the book will reveal biblical prophecy and historical events. The author claims that biblical prophecies are all pointing to pivotal period in history between the years 2022 and 2050 and that every culture and religion agree that this is the last cycle of time. According to a brief biography provided on a back cover of the book, Celeste Solum was an integral part of Homeland Security and FEMA and she also has experience in medicine and agriculture.


By Medea Sulamanidze

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