What does the photo depict, which was ascribed to mink cull due to the fur?

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On January 15, 2021, Facebook page Richi’s Blog published a post stating that in Denmark, Copenhagen fur auction company “Copenhagen Fur” is mass-killing mink because of their fur. According to the post, they cut the living animal’s paws off to skin easier, and only after skinning, do they kill these animals. Attached to the post is a photo depicting mink with chopped limbs lying motionless.

Facebook page “ჩემი ქალაქი მკლავს” (My City is Killing Me) also published the post with the same content together with the photo of mink.


Disseminated information is photo manipulation and does not depict the mink cull for the purpose of skinning and selling the fur. In reality, the photo depicts mink that were killed off due to COVID-19 mutation. As for the fur industry, Denmark is a major export country, however, mink farming is regulated and those animals are killed following the particular procedures.

Photo used by Facebook pages can be found in Reuters’ article, where the description of the photo notes that it depicts mink at Hans Henrik Jeppesen’s farm after the Danish government’s decision to cull the mink herd.


On November 5, 2020, following the World Health Organization’s recommendation, the Danish government decided to kill millions of mink at Danish farms nation-wide citing safety concerns because COVID-19 mutation was detected in the aforesaid animals. Moreover, husbandry and export-import of mink were banned until December 31, 2021.

According to the Danish prime minister’s statement, the mutation in the coronavirus poses a serious threat to the future effectiveness of the vaccine, and mink were killed off due to this reason.

One more Reuters’ article has photos attached depicting mink burial. The fur of the dead mink is intact reaffirming the fact that the mink were not killed because of the fur.

Photo: Reuters

In the epidemic, farm animals are gassed with carbon monoxide. As for mink fur production, Denmark is the major export country in this field, whereas company Kopenhagen Fur sells approximately 19 million Danish mink fur, about one-third of which is exported to China.

Mink farming and fur industry are regulated in Denmark and are subject to statutory check-ups every year. Moreover, there are established methods of mink cull for it to be quick, painless, and torture-free. In the case of mink, approved methods are CO or CO2.

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