What does “Holy Fathers” claim about the World Health Organization and chips?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


Post published by the page წმინდა მამები( “Holy Fathers”) on March 19, 2020, is still actively disseminated on social network. According to the aforesaid post that has 385 shares as of December 4, the World Health Organization plans to introduce mandatory implantation of electronic chips in the COVID-19 infected body to monitor and control the health condition of the infected person The photo with the microchip and WHO logo is attached to the post.


 “Holy Father’s” post is disinformation. The World Health Organization has never made a statement about the mandatory implantation of microchips in coronavirus-infected human bodies. Disinformation and conspiracies about mandatory chipping have been disseminating on media and social networks in various countries for years now.

The World Health Organization’s protocols on the treatment of coronavirus-infected patients, home care for patients with COVID-19, and contact-tracing are publically available on the official webpage of WHO. Listed documents don’t touch upon the implantation of the chip in the infected body, neither directly nor indirectly. As for the photo attached to the post depicting the microchip together with the World Health Organization logo, it’s not connected to the coronavirus pandemic.  According to reverse image search TinEye, the photo was first published on English webpage dangerousminds.net on February 10, 2010, together with the popular conspiracy theory about chips and “mark of the beast”
The original photo doesn’t have a WHO logo.


About the World Health Organization protocols

On March 17, 2020, two days before the dissemination of the aforesaid disinformation, the World Health Organization developed a protocol on home care for patients and contact-tracing. According to the protocol, patients who will not be hospitalized due to their symptoms and their household members should be provided monitoring until the patient’s recovery, which means a strong communication link between the patient, caregiver, and healthcare provider. According to the May 27, 2020 document, the most effective and accessible channel for monitoring is remote consultations by phone or periodic in-person visits. Per WHO instructions on contact-tracing, active communication is a key principle in this method for infection prevention and is based on the information the infected person provides to a healthcare specialist. After the contact is identified,  the healthcare officers should contact them daily to monitor their health condition.

Conspiracies about microchips and coronavirus pandemic 

Popular conspiracy about exercising total control and monitoring of people through the implementation of microchips inside the body has been disseminated in various countries. The technology depicted in the 2010 photo attached to the “Holy Fathers” post indeed exists, albeit the implantation isn’t mandatory for humans in any country. The mentioned microchip that holds a multi-digit code is implanted in pets via injection to identify the pet and contact the owner if the pet is lost.

Fears that the influential groups will use aforesaid technology to control humans have disseminated in diverse contexts even before the coronavirus pandemic. Amid the pandemic, numerous conspiracies about “chipping of the population” have emerged, which speculates about future coronavirus vaccine and 5G technology. Mandatory mass chipping of the population was most frequently attributed to philanthropist Bill Gates and Pope Francis. Read more about the mentioned topic in fact-checks prepared by “Myth Detector”:

About “Holy Fathers”

Page “Holy Fathers” was created on February 2, 2020, and is managed by 1 administrator. The page has several mainly religious posts, whereas the page’s last post was published on April 17, 2020.


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