Was Bill Gates Hanged? And What do We Know about Globalresearch.ca?

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Reading Time: 4 minutes


On October 2nd, the Facebook user “Lasha Menteshashvili” published a post claiming that according to the decision made by the military court, Bill Gates was hanged before the announced date of October 5th. In addition, the post claimed that the new oral treatment for COVID is identical to Ivermectin, while the world domination plan and the establishment of the ‘Digital Dictatorship’ using the 5G technologies have already commenced. Lasha Menteshashvili indicated two American editions, Real Raw News and GLobalsearch.ca, as the primary source for the information.



The post of Lasha Menteshashvili includes satirical, false, and conspirational claims. 1) Real Raw News, which disseminated the information regarding the hanging of Bill Gates, is a satirical publication; therefore, the selected claim is fabricated. 2) Ivermectin and Prizer’s new treatment have different working mechanisms. 3) Linking the 5G technology with the “Digital Dictatorship” is a conspiracy since 5G is used to improve the internet connection quality.

The information published by Lasha Menteshashvili regarding the hanging of Bill Gate belongs to the satirical publication Real Raw News. The publication has devoted several articles to the arrest and trial of Bill Gates since August 2021. Each of them consists of fictional facts and dialogues. The announcement of the execution of an American businessman is the last part of the series at this time.

The “about us” section of the online outlet stresses that the website was created for entertainment and educational purposes. The same section underscores the fact that the website includes humor, parody, and satire. Anti-vaxx and far-right groups have circulated Real Raw News’ information about Bill Gates’ arrest and trial and framed them as facts worldwide, including Georgia. You can read more about this in “Myth Detector” materials:

Another series of fictional materials published on the site concern Bill Clinton. According to the materials, the daughter of the convicted former US President Clinton, who is in Guantanamo prison, has poisoned his father to death.

Over the course of the last two years, the activity on social media accounts of both Clinton and Gates confirms that bother of them are alive.


  • Ivermectin and Prizer’s New COVID Treatment are NOT the Same

Apart from the alleged death of Bill Gates, the post of Menteshashvili includes two other claims. One of them concerns the identical nature of Pfizer’s new covid-19 treatment and Ivermectin, while the other asserts the possibility of establishing a “Digital Dictatorship” through the 5G technology and artificial intelligence. Globalsearch.ca is indicated as the primary source for both of the information.

The claims about the identical nature of Pfizer’s new treatment (PF-07321332) and Ivermectin have spread since Pfizer launched its second phase of clinical trials and have been fact-checked by several organizations. In a comment to Reuters, Dr. Cheryl Walter, a professor of virology at Hull University, said that “Pfizer’s drug has protease inhibitor activity like ivermectin, but they are a very different kettle of fish on a variety of levels.” In an interview with AP Fact, Joseph Glajch, a pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry specialist, stressed that the two drugs take completely different pathways when activated in the body and activate different receptors.

The claims about the alleged establishment of the “Digital Dictatorship” through 5G is a conspiracy theory. In fact, 5G technology is safe for human health, and it serves the sole purpose of improving the internet connection through its antennas.

For more debunked conspiracies about Ivermectin and 5G technology, see the articles of “Myth Detector:”

As for Globalsearch.ca, according to Statista, it represents the second major disinformation website that published harmful health information around the world from May 2019 to May 2020. Statista data is based on the number of visitors to disinformation sites.


According to the US Department of State, the above-mentioned website has ties with the Kremlin and was used to interfere with the 2016 elections. A 2019 study by Stanford University has determined connections between some authors of Globalsearch.ca and the Russian foreign intelligence agency GRU.

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