Video Manipulation Regarding Joe Biden’s Visit to Warsaw

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


On February 21st, 2023, in connection with Joe Biden’s visit to Warsaw, the Russian-language and Georgian-language (1, 2, 3) Facebook accounts shared a video showing several people getting off the plane and one of them rolling down. According to the description, the footage shows Joe Biden rolling down a flight of stairs while getting off the plane in Warsaw. The video shows the logo of the Polish channel TVP24 and the following inscription: “President of the United States in Poland. Biden’s Plane at the Warsaw airport.”

Russian propaganda media outlet – Tsargrad linked the footage to Joe Biden as well.

Joe Biden is not depicted in the disseminated video. The footage, which was broadcast live on TVN24, shows clearly that it was, in fact, another member of the US delegation who fell while coming down the rare exit of the plane.

After a surprise visit to Kyiv on February 20th, President Joe Biden arrived in Poland. Footage of his arrival and subsequent movement was broadcast continuously on various channels. The said footage was cut from the TVN24 special broadcast; however, in the full version, it is clear that in the video, another member of the US delegation is the one that falls while getting off the back of the plane while Biden uses the front ladder and descends the ladder smoothly.

TVN24 prepared several special broadcasts and live broadcasts about Biden’s visit to Poland. In one of the parts (Dzień po dniu, Wtorek 21.02 02:00-03:05) the landing of Biden’s plane at the Warsaw airport and the process of departing the plane by the US president and members of his delegation are depicted fully.

The first shot showing the arrival of the delegation members from the rear exit of the airplane was broadcast on February 21st at 23:21 Polish time.

Footage from 11:22 p.m. shows one person rolling down at the rear exit of the plane.

After falling, a group of people try to help him.

In the next shot, it is clear that the ladder is not yet in place at the front exit of the plane, as Biden has not yet exited the plane at that moment.

Biden exited the plane’s front door at 11:26 p.m. and walked down the stairs without a problem.

It should be noted that the footage of Biden’s arrival from the plane was aired live by the Polish public broadcaster. In the footage, it is clear that Biden is coming down the stairs smoothly.

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