Video Manipulation by about Arabs Allegedly Insulting Christ

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On October 4, 2017, published a video titled “How Arabs Insult the Savior at Narikala.” According to the author of the video, the footage shows how ethnically Arab people insult the savior by imitating him on the “cross”. The material comes with a xenophobic tag – “Dirty Arabs”.


The same video, with a title “’Arab Investors’, who Imitate the Savior on the Cross on Narikala Mountain”, was uploaded on Youtube by a user named Giorgi Dundua on 3 October 2017 and was followed by xenopohobic and discriminative reactions in the comments section.



The video published on Youtube and, as well as the accompanying description are manipulative, as the quality, filming angle and form does not offer the ability to identify the background, form of behavior and motive of the individuals.

  1. It is Impossible to Identify Ethnicity and Behavior of the Individuals in the Video

It is impossible to precisely identify the ethnic background, as well as the form and motive of their behavior merely based on the video material. The title of the video – “Arab Investors, who Imitate the Savior on the Cross on Narikala Mountain” is manipulative and contains xenophobic vocabulary.


      2. Islam Acknowledged Jesus Christ as a Prophet

The author of the video incites hate speech against the foreign citizens based on their alleged insulting of Jesus Christ. Islam, the followers of which comprise the majority of Arabs, Jesus Christ is acknowledged as a prophet.

About the source:

Tata Murachashvili is the author of the news article on containing the video, whereas the Youtube video had been uploaded by a user called Giorgi Dundua. Dundua is the technical manager of and the Facebook page of this website. Therefore, the primary source and the disseminator of the video is the same individual.

Online agency News Press Agency, or, was founded on June 5, 2017. The webpage disseminates information containing ultra-nationalistic, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic calls and provides readers with manipulative, unverified information by appealing to sensitive topics, which is one of the methods of propaganda.

Prepared by Guro Vashakmadze

Myth Detector Lab

Topic: Migrants
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