Video Manipulation Artificially Links Use of Safety Syringes to Microchips

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Reading Time: 5 minutes


On March 26, Facebook user “გვანც ‘ა” uploaded a one minute and seven second long video collage, consisting of two videos: initially, the video footage shows the process of injection and then the narrator talks about a biochip with microcircuit, saying that it is inserted in the needle of the syringe. According to the video, such biochips are implanted into a person’s forehead or a right hand.



The spread video is manipulative, because it artificially links the footage depicting use of a safety syringe to microchips. The narrator, who talks about the creation of a microchip, names Cole Sanderson, an engineer, as its inventor. An individual with the same name and surname can be searched in Russian sources, namely conspiracy articles about chips. Under Cole Sanderson the author, apparently, meant American pastor Carl Sanders, who portrayed himself as the inventor of a RFID chip; however, the RFID technology has nothing to do with vaccines.

  •  Who is narrating in the video and did he develop a microchip?

The text voiced by the narrator made it possible to find the second video used in the collage. A fragment from the video was quoted in the April 8, 2020 post published by Facebook page “მართლმადიდებლური გვერდი” (Orthodox Page). A documentary “მეორედ მოსვლა” (Second Coming) released in 2000 is referred to as the source in the end of the same post. The film is available on YouTube and a 54-second fragment (4:28-5:22) used in the video spread by Facebook user “გვანც ‘ა” has just been taken from this documentary. The video was uploaded on Shota Vacharadze’s YouTube channel in 2011 and its description notes that the documentary about Second Coming was shot by Studio Graali. The film tells about the prophecy regarding the appearance of the Antichrist and the mark of the beast “666,” which, according to the film, will be placed on people’s foreheads and right hands by means of special devices.


The post published by “მართლმადიდებლური გევრდი” (Orthodox Page) also notes that the quote about the chip with a microcircuit belongs to Dr. Cole Anderson. The engineer with the same name and surname can be searched on the websites with Russian domain names. According to Russian sources, his activities are linked to population control and “the mark of the beast.” Russian sources quoted Cole Sanderson as saying that he and a group of specialists participated in an experiment on a paralyzed woman in Arizona. They used microcircuits and her arms and legs began to move. He also adds that they managed to gain control over the woman’s behavior. According to the same sources, Cole Anderson was also conducting experiments on prisoners. Eventually, he created a microchip placed in a needle.



Cole Sanderson, as an inventor of the RFID chip, is also featuring in the video uploaded by YouTube user Владимир Русланов.


RFID chip developer Cole Sanderson mentioned in Russian sources apparently is American pastor named Carl Sanders – a self-proclaimed inventor of the radio-frequency-identification (RFID) microchip. Dr. Carl Sanders claimed to be an electronics engineer and an inventor, who had worked for many government organizations and private firms. India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) also fact-checked the information about Carl Sanders and found the story told by him regarding microchips in the articles published as early as 2002. During the pandemic, the conspiracy theorists used Sanders’ video address, which can be searched since 2008, to prove the existence of microchips in the coronavirus vaccines.


Internet search for the information about Carl Sanders allegedly inventing the RFID microchip proved unsuccessful. Pastor John Torell, President of European-American Evangelistic Crusades, wrote in his 1994 article that he asked Sanders to submit the documents proving his invention of microchip, as well as share other documents verifying his education as well as doctoral degree in engineering but he did not do it.

What do we know about the RFID microchips?

The first-ever RFID microchip was implanted into a human body in 1998. Today, such microchips are mainly implanted in animals, but they are also used in humans at the latter’s desire. It is noteworthy that a microchip’s function is limited in respect of specific electronic devices (for example, one can open/close only that door to which an implant has access). Its coverage area is limited. For example, it is impossible to specify the location of chipped animals and microchips are suitable only for identification. Myth Detector wrote earlier about this topic and the related conspiracy theory.

is possible to detect microchips under the skin, as in the image below.


  • The process of injection shown in the video has nothing to do with the chips

Videos showing “vanish point syringes” are frequently used manipulatively when spreading false information about vaccination, promoting a conspiracy theory that a needle is inserted under the skin to implant a chip into a human body. In fact, these are so called safety syringes, developed back in the 1990s to reduce the risks of injuries and infections among patients. After being used, the needle retracts into the barrel and is no longer visible, thus creating an illusion of disappearance. See Myth Detector’s article on the topic:

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