The Quote as if a Georgian Activist ‘Wants Men to Give Birth too’ is Satirical

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes


On August 15th, a Facebook page titled “Tsadi Sheni” shared a screenshot of an online media platform The photo shows women’s rights activist Baia Pataraia with the following caption: “Men should also give birth to reduce the workload of their wives, so that women can have some more time for fun.” The screenshot creates the impression that the comment belongs to Baia Pataraia and was published on the news portal

The post, which uses the visuals of the information portal, is satirical. The description of the page indicates that it contains material created for entertainment purposes. The quote on the screen is fictional. Baia Pataraia has never made a statement of similar content.

Information about a similar statement made by the women’s rights advocate Baia Pataraia can not be found in any open source. The quote was not posted on the website of the publication

The screenshot and the actual of differ. The title of the material published by Baia Pataraia on with the same photo has a different content, the time of publication of the material is also indicated, as well as the topic of the material, the source from which the photo was taken, the number of reads and shares, the link to the material and the share button. The colour, size and font of the title are also different.

Post distribution

The description of the Facebook page “Tsadi Sheni”  indicates that the page spreads funny content.


Nevertheless, the comments of the post demonstrate that the audience actually perceived it as a fact, which was followed by insulting comments towards Pataraia by a large part of the users.




Fake quotes of Baia Pataraia have appeared on social media in the past as well, including fake screenshots of For more details, read the materials prepared by “Myth Detector”:

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