The information that the EU prohibits planting onions in Croatia, is groundless

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On June 27, the host of the Spektri program of TV Kavkasia, Davit Akubardia, stated that Croatian farmers are prevented from planting onion due to instructions from Brussels and the EU bureaucracy. Namely:

Davit Akubardia, the host: “A person was planting onion in Croatia and received instructions from Brussels that they would reimburse the total amount of profit that the onion would bring, under the condition that he would stop planting it. Even such instructions were made. Is it normal?! This is the peak of bureaucracy!
TV Kavkasia, Spektri, June 27

Such statement is groundless, as:

  • No particular regulation or directive restricts onion planting in Croatia. The cooperation of the EU and Croatia in the sphere of agriculture is implemented in the framework of 2014-2020 Rural Development Program for Croatia. The program aims at a structural change and modernization of Croatia’s farming industry and food sector. The program also envisages the protection and promotion of biodiversity. The cost of the program is EUR 2.3 billion.
  • Despite the Common Agricultural Policy, the EU does not interfere in domestic decisions of its member states such as what type of agricultural production should be produced. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU implies promotion of manufacturers, offering flexible system to the member states with the aim of efficiently employing the potential of the agricultural sector and meeting socio-economic needs.

Main agricultural crops in Croatia are: tomato, cabbage, onion, melon and pepper. They are mostly produced by private farmers. In 2014, fruit and vegetable export reached EUR 290 million that is a record indicator for Croatia, as it was higher than the average income received from the 2005-2014 export by 85%. According to the Eurostat, Croatia produced 17,000 tons of onion in 2013.

Topic: Economics
Violation: Disinformation
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