The Host of TV Obiektivi Believes, that Georgia Voluntarily Joined the USSR in 1921

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


The host of TV Obiektivi, Bondo Mdzinarashvili, offers us a new version of history. While the last year he was claiming on air at TV Obiektivi that there is no Russian annexation in Georgia, this time, he states that Georgia joined the Soviet Union in 1921 with its own will.

As it appears, the host of TV Obiektivi does not have information about the fact that Georgia was a sovereign, democratic republic by 1921, which Russia occupied after the war in February-March 1921. Neither the Government of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, nor the Constituent Assembly has recognized the Russian occupation.

  • Cadets, a battalion of non-commissioned officers, artillery, engineer unit and cavalry all fought against the Red Army.

Guardsmen deceased in 1921, Source: National Archive

  • Russian forces attacked Tbilisi from all sides, including the Cadets who were holding position in Tabakhmela. Their numbers shrank to 85 after the military actions of February 19. The Cadets were fighting the Baku Red Cadets’ Regiment all day long and did not lose positions.
  • The Russian Army conquered the Democratic Republic of Georgia after the war in February-March.

Parade of the Red Army on the Freedom Square, 1921. Source: National Library

  • On February 25, 1921, Sergo Orjonikidze sent a telegram to Lenin and Stalin: “To Lenin, Stalin, Baku. 25.II.21. The red flag of the Soviet Government is waving over Tbilisi. Hail the Soviet Georgia. Orjonikidze.” Apparently, the host of TV Obiektivi is not familiar with this document either.


  • The Revolutionary Committee of Georgia was assigned the rank of the highest body of the government and it proclaimed the army and the People’s Guard of the Democratic Republic of Georgia demobilized.
  • By occupying the Republic of Georgia in 1921, Russia violated the May 7, 1920 agreement, according to which Russia was recognizing the independence of Georgia.
  • Political repressions were launched in Georgia shortly after the establishment of the occupation regime. Approximately 63 thousand people were subject to repressions in Georgia, out of which 20 thousand were shot.
  • During the Soviet period, changes of functional designations of churches began. Most of the churches were transformed into warehouses, rural clubs and residential buildings.
Topic: History
Violation: Disinformation
Country: Russia


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