Style Guide of Fact-Checking Article

Introduction – Detailed description of Fake news/Disinformation
First step is to describe in  detailed and impartial manner who, when and how (via which platform) has spread Fake news/disinformation or manipulation. This paragraph should include the source of disinformation, quotation or screenshot.  

Summary Paragraph
Summary paragraph is a resume which type of disinformation (manipulation, half-truth or fake news) is spread and includes key conclusions why it represents disinformation

Deconstruction of Disinformation – Detailed arguments
This paragraph should include detailed and comprehensive analysis of disinformation and arguments which prove why the statement is false. The argumentation should be based on valid and reliable sources. 

Identical disinformation
Identification of a similar misinformation which has been spread before and identification if this disinformation is a part of coordinated and targeted campaign. 

Propaganda Method
In some cases, author could identify  propaganda methods used in a controversial material if its relevant.

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