Statement by the Spokesperson for the World Health Organization is Disseminated Manipulatively

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On April 6, Facebook user Levan Navi posted a screenshot of Ketevan Gejadze’s post on his account. The post is about a statement made by Margaret Harris, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization, according to which, she does not and will not support immunity passports needed for traveling, because in her opinion, there is no proof whether or not vaccination stops the spread of the virus. The author of the post provides Harris’s statement to claim that getting a vaccine is the same as suicide and destruction of the immune system. Levan Navi attached a video link to the post, where an opening ceremony of Switzerland’s railway tunnel is shown. (yourdoctors)



The author of the post manipulatively uses Margaret Harris’s statement and neglects the effect a vaccine has on a vaccinated person. It is true, that currently there is not enough studies to prove if a vaccinated person can transmit the virus to others, however, the latest studies on Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines authorized by the WHO have shown 100% protection from severe cases of COVID-19.

  • What did Margaret Harris state?

During a press briefing on April 6, Margaret Harris, spokesperson for the World Health Organization, talked about “COVID Passports” and brought up two arguments, as to why she does not support the implementation of the passport system:

  1. According to her, the World Health Organization does not have enough evidence that a vaccinated person cannot transmit the virus to others;
  2. There are groups in society, that are excluded from vaccination, such as pregnant women and children under the age of 18, moreover, a lot of countries still have a lack of access to vaccines.

According to Harris, when enough evidence is collected about the lack of risks of transmission, a “COVID passport” system will be an acceptable strategy for making traveling easier. She did not say that she would not support these passports in the future, contrary to the post shared by Levan Navi.

  • Does the risk of transmission mean that the vaccine is ineffective?

Harris’s quote was used manipulatively to claim that vaccines are useless and they destroy the immune system. In reality, the main purpose of the vaccine is to protect the vaccinated person from the virus. Vaccines authorized by the World Health Organization protect from severe and lethal forms of the disease. Nevertheless, even though the vaccine reduces the chance of getting infected, it does not guarantee that the vaccinated person will be fully safe from infection.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the vaccinated person can meet up with other vaccinated people without a mask, but it is recommended to keep distance and wear masks in public places since it is still unknown how will the vaccination affect the spread of COVID-19.

Vaccines authorized by the WHO have shown high efficacy against COVID-19. For example, according to phase III primary analysis conducted in the US, AstraZeneca has a 76% efficacy against symptomatic COVID-19 and 100% efficacy against severe disease and hospitalization. Data published on April 1 about Pfizer showed that Pfizer has an efficacy of 91.3%, moreover, CDC concluded that it prevents severe disease by 100%.

Levan Navi attached a video link in the post description, which refers to the opening of a railway tunnel in Switzerland in 2016. The author of the post promotes the conspiracy about a link between the video and the pandemic. “Myth Detector” has previously written about the opening of the tunnel. For more information, also read:

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