Six Lies about COVID-19, Vaccines and Patented Viruses

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Reading Time: 6 minutes


On December 5, 2020, Facebook user Zviad Gogiashvili posted a video on his page, where he speaks about COVID-19 and questions its origin, diagnosis and vaccines. He claims that PCR tests fail to detect the virus, while autopsies cannot reveal any trace of COVID-19 in human bodies; moreover, nobody but Chinese scientists has ever seen the coronavirus in any research lab. As for the coronavirus vaccines, Zviad Gogiashvili claims that not only the RNA-based coronavirus vaccine is dangerous for health, but it is made unethically, since it contains the cells from a 14-week-old aborted fetus. The video also notes that various labs create pathogens artificially that is confirmed by the existence of “patented viruses.”


The video about the novel coronavirus contains six pieces of disinformation:

  • Disinformation No.1: Not a single laboratory but the Chinese one has isolated the coronavirus molecule. Scientists have not even revealed an electronic image of the coronavirus. 

After Chinese researchers revealed the first draft genome of the coronavirus on January 11, 2020, scientists from across the globe started to collaborate to study and learn about SARS-CoV-2 in the laboratory. For example, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) received a clinical specimen collected from the first reported U.S. patient infected with SARS-CoV-2 on 20 January 2020 and, on 2 February 2020, CDC generated enough SARS-CoV-2 grown in cell culture to distribute to medical and scientific researchers. On 13 March 2020, Canadian scientists also managed to isolate the virus responsible for COVID-19 outbreak.

The novel coronavirus is the fast evolving RNA virus, which, along with spreading in various populations, continually accumulates changes in its genomes. International scientists are collaborating to collect exact data about the virus and share updated information. ARTIC Network, a platform created for this purpose, unites American, British, Belgian and other scientists, who conduct research on the updated data at the laboratories of the Universities of California, Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh.

It is not true that scientists have not revealed electronic coronavirus images. The U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was one of the first to unveil COVID-19 images. NIAID’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) in Hamilton, Montana, produced images of the novel coronavirus on its scanning and transmission electron microscopes on February 11, 2020. Later, on September 2, the University of North Carolina School of Medicine also revealed the coronavirus images captured with a scanning electron microscope.


  • Disinformation No.2: The autopsies carried out by the Hamburg Institute failed to reveal any trace of the coronavirus

This claim is based on a fake viral quote by Klaus Püschel, forensic doctor and director of the Hamburg Institute of Forensic Medicine, who allegedly said that “a healthy person has never died of Sars-CoV-2.” In fact, the viral post represented a manipulation with Püschel’s statement concerning the Hamburg study, according to which all of the coronavirus-infected patients examined in Hamburg suffered from previously existing serious internal diseases related to heart or lungs.

Just based on this disinformation, Facebook users claimed that the autopsies conducted by the Hamburg Institute of Forensic Medicine failed to detect any trace of the coronavirus that is not true. The study says nothing about the fact that the autopsies failed to reveal the virus.

Disinformation No.3: U.S. Pfizer’s vaccine contains lung cells from a 14-week-old aborted fetus

Disinformation as if the coronavirus vaccine contains lung cells from a 14-weak-old aborted fetus was spread regarding the vaccines manufactured by both Pfizer and Oxford/AstraZeneca. In fact, none of the coronavirus vaccines were developed using fetal cells. Several vaccine candidates, including Pfizer and AstraZeneca used fetal cells as part of preclinical research to study vaccine interactions with human genome. It, however, does not mean that fetal cells will be included in the manufacturing of the vaccine itself. The vaccine will be purified of any contaminants before being used in humans.

Two human fetal cell lines aborted 60 years ago, in the 1960s-70s, are used to manufacture vaccines against the coronavirus. However, their abortion initially had no research purposes. It is worth noting that besides the coronavirus vaccine, cells derived from elective abortions have been used to manufacture vaccines, including current vaccines against rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis A, and shingles, as well as to make approved drugs against diseases including hemophilia, rheumatoid arthritis, and cystic fibrosis.

The use of aborted fetal cells in the process of vaccine creation raised some questions aboutthe vaccine’s ethical considerations. According to the document approved by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002, using technology developed from tissue of an intentionally aborted fetus, but without continuing the cell line from that fetus, may be morally acceptable. The same document notes that using a vaccine that requires the continued destruction of human life is morally unacceptable.

  • Disinformation No.4: Pathogens created in the world laboratories are sold to ensure that various diseases are spread and pharmaceutical companies sell their drugs. 

Disinformation as if recently spread viruses, including Ebola, H1N1, Zika, coronavirus, etc. are manmade pathogens that were patented by laboratories was spread on social media in various countries in August and October 2020. In fact, scientists or laboratories can patent a naturally occurring virus if: 1. The virus material has been isolated by scientists; 2. The naturally occurring virus material has been modified by scientists; 3. A specific vaccine/medication has been developed based on the virus material. Although, the scientific and legal establishments argue whether naturally occurring viruses should be patented, this does not question the natural origin of the above mentioned viruses.

Based on this disinformation, Gogiashvili promotes a conspiracy theory, according to which the pharmaceutical companies and scientists are trading manmade viruses to spread diseases and sell medications.

  • Disinformation No.5: The RNA-based coronavirus vaccine will cause various pathological processes in humans. It may even alter human DNA.

Disinformation about the RNA-based experimental coronavirus vaccine has long been circulating on the Internet. In fact, the research shows that RNA is chemically different from DNA, making it virtually impossible for RNA to directly integrate into DNA to change a person’s genome. It is also a false opinion that such vaccine will infect humans, because in fact, not RNA of the virus, but the virus itself causes infection. The RNA injected in the body allows the body to produce antibodies against the genetic material of the virus, whereas RNA has a very short lifespan, being quickly degraded by cells after it has been used to make a protein.

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  • Disinformation No.6: PCR tests do not diagnose COVID-19, but rather collect human genetic materials. Swab sticks used for taking nasal smear may damage brain membrane.

PCR tests are especially sensitive towards pathogens; due to high accuracy of the results, PCT testing is even called the gold standard. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of PCR tests to diagnose COVID-19. It is not true that swab sticks used for taking nasal smear may damage brain membrane. In order for the swab stick to reach the blood-brain barrier, it must pass several bony, various tissue layers and blood vessels. Each of them protects the mentioned barrier and its damage with a swab becomes practically impossible. It is also a false claim that use of PCR testing for the coronavirus diagnosis has certain covert goals. This method of testing had existed prior to the coronavirus outbreak and it has long been used in medicine for various purposes.

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Spread of the post

As of 10:00, December 14, Zviad Gogiashvili’s video has about 23,000 views and 703 shares. Besides personal profiles, the post was shared to 15 public groups: ანტი-მასონობა. „ანტიქრისტეს“ ახალი მსოფლიო წესრიგი (NWO); ანტი-ეკუმენიზმი (Anti-Masonry, New World Order of the Antichrist; Anti-Ecumenism); სახალხო მოძრაობა ,,სამეგრელო” (People’s Movement “Samegrelo”); შეკეთება, ყიდვა-გაყიდვა (, repair, sale); Photo-Fact GEORGIAუშუალო დემოკრატიული მოძრაობა (Direct Democratic Movement); “საქართველო უპირველეს ყოვლისა!“ (Georgia First of All); 6504 ძვ წ, საზოგადოება – საქართველოს კონსტიტუციური უსაფრთხოების სამეთვალყურეო საბჭო (Society – Supervisory Board for the Constitutional Security of Georgia); დედათა საერთაშორისო გაერთიანება (International Union of Mothers); სიცოცხლის დაცვისა და გენოციდის წინააღმდეგ ბრძოლის ეროვნული ალიანსი, (National Alliance for Protecting Life and Fighting against Genocide); კორონა მაფია (Corona Mafia); ადამიანთა გამოთაყვანების წინააღმდეგ ბრძოლის ალიანსი (Alliance for Fighting against Stupefying Humans); საერთო სახალხო მოძრაობა ქართველი ერის გადარჩენისთვის! (People’s Movement for Saving the Georgian Nation); ყვავილები, მცენარეები, ეზოები (Flowers, Plants, Yards); გავერთიანდეთ მტრის წინააღმდეგ და მიშასეული წინსვლის დასაბრუნებლად! (Let’s Get United against the Enemy and for Returning Misha’s Progress) and პრემიერ-მინისტრი გიორგი გახარია (Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia).

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