Russian conspiracies about Pokémon go

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


Popular game Pokémon GO was represented as an application created by foreign secret services on the Russian TV company „РЕН ТВ”. According to the TV show “The Secrets of Chapman”, Pokémon GO was created in order to spy on people like Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. The show is led by Anna Chapman. In 2010, she was blamed at being an agent of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

According to the “The Secrets of Chapman”, on July 18 the Embassy of Ecuador in London has become the hangout for Pokémon GO players as the building was one of the PokeStops (Places that allow players to collect “items” to capture more Pokemons). Chapman’s show linked this activity to the fact that Julian Assange has been on the territory of the Embassy since 2012, when he asked political asylum to Ecuador. The story suggests that as British Police have been hunting on Assange for a long time, innocuous Pokemon Go may be the part of a “double game” which aims at watching upon Assange.

Russian conspiracy: Pokémon GO – Satanic game or the project made by foreign secret services

Some Russian politicians believe that hunting for animated creatures in the streets is Satanic. Well known Russian ultranationalist and ideologist Aleksandr Dugin thinks that the developers of the application are linked to the CIA. Similar suspicions expressed Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov, doubting that secret services might have contributed to the application.

In Yekaterinburg, 21-year-blogger was arrested after publishing a video on YouTube showing him playing Pokémon GO in an Orthodox Church. Ruslan Sokolovsky is charged with inciting hatred and offending religious sensibilities. The penalty could reach up to five years in prison.

Russian version of Pokémon GO: “Selfies” with Ivan the Terrible and Napoleon Bonaparte


The Moscow Mayor’s office plans to create the Russian version of Pokémon GO, which will include historical figures such as Ivan the Terrible and Napoleon Bonaparte. Instead of “fighting” against animated creatures, players will search for historical figures in order to take “selfies” with them.

Pokémon GO –

an augmented reality game was first released in 2016 in several countries and has become the most popular application worldwide. The application was designed for

iOS, Android, and Apple Watch devices. Pokémon GO player moves within their real world surroundings, while their avatar moves within the game’s map with the help of the mobile camera. 3-D Pokemons unexpectedly appear on the screen and the player must “catch” them.


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