Recurrent black propaganda against Lugar laboratory

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


Since 2012, the pro-Kremlin and ethno-nationalistic publications, as well as various non-profit organizations and numerous respondents regularly spread misinformation about Richard Lugar Microbiological Laboratory in various alterations. Last reporting about dangerous laboratory experiments performed on living human subjects was published on 26 February 2017 in “Saqartvelo da Msoflio”. In the same issue of the newspaper a second report printed contained a message that the existence of this laboratory is a pretext for confrontation between Georgia and Russia.

The table below presents all the sources and erroneous messages that the media in the years 2012-2017 willfuly disseminated about the Research Center.

See the full infographic here 


Real facts:

  • The center contains 2nd and 3rd level biosafety laboratories. Level 3 zone includes bacteriology and virology laboratories, as well as a repository of human and animal diseases that are particularly dangerous pathogens. Lugar Laboratory Center is the only one in Georgia, in the Caucasus and Central Asia, which has a Level 3 Biosafety standart.
  • On the Level 2 are placed laboratories of research in general bacteriology, virology, serology, molecular epidemiology / genome, cell culture, parasitology and etymology. Also, there are three laboratories accredited by the World Health Organization: Influenza laboratory, which serves in diagnosisfor human and bird flu pathogens, Poliemielitis laboratory, which serves Armenia as well as Georgia and the measles and mumps laboratory.
  • One of the main priorities for the Lugar Center is the Safety of food produce. In this regard, the Lugar center works hand-in-hand with the Central Laboratory of the Center for Agriculture, because in regard to food safety both chemical and biological studies are needed. (See full article about the laboratory🙂

Propaganda Techniques:

Misleading propaganda sources against the Laboratory use the technique Ad nauseam, which involves continuous repetition of the same idea so often that people start seeing the falsehood as the truth.


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