Real vaccination or simulation?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


On 8 February an active antivaxxer, Nina Marji, posted a video on Facebook, showing a process of administering vaccine, though a syringe applied to the man’s arm had a protective cap on. The Facebook user’s comment on the video read: “It’s a comedy, indeed…. ????????”. Neither the video, which was 16 seconds long, nor the comment on it provided any additional information.


The video is misleading as it creates an impression that the injection of vaccine is a staged. In reality, the video was filmed in the city of Bilzen and it shows a simulated process of vaccination  before the start of real vaccine rollout. 

What does the video depict in reality?

The abovementioned video was also released without the context in Belgium; a Belgium media outlet, Knack, wrote about it too. The Belgium Minister Bart Somers also commented on the video. Bart Somers, Vice-Minister-President of the Flemish Government and the Mayor of Mechelen, is featured in the video.


Somers tweeted that he did not take a vaccine and the video showed a test procedure, so-called dry run to practice the entire vaccination process before a real vaccine rollout in order to detect any impediments and if any, to timely eliminate them so that the real vaccination process is carried out smoothly. Dry runs are conducted in many countries, not only in Belgium.

The video with Bart Somers was broadcast by the Belgian TV channel VRT on 1 February. Before airing it, a reporter explained that a “theoretical exercise” of vaccination was carried out in the city of Bilzen.



There are various videos circulating on social networks, which, according to antivaxxers, prove that public officials promoting the vaccination do not, actually, take vaccines and that the vaccination is staged. Some videos did show a real vaccination procedure, but with the use of safe syringes and they were published manipulatively, in a misleading manner. On this subject, see the following publications of Myth Detector:

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