Razmadze Giorgi


Razmadze is the leader of Avchala St. Ketevan Martyr’s Church. He was among those Orthodox priests, who rallied outside the Tbilisi airport on September 30, 2016 to express protest against the Pope’s visit to Georgia. “The Pope is a spiritual aggressor” was a slogan of the rally. In 2016, Giorgi Razmadze accompanied by the representatives of the Nunnery and the parish thwarted the festival Tbilisi JAM 2016. Giorgi Razmadze is a frequent respondent of pro-Kremlin edition Geworld.ge and a source of anti-Western messages. In the interview with Geworld.ge on August 10, 2016, Father Giorgi Razmadze linked drug decriminalization to increased number of drug users and brought an example of Holland that is not proved by statistical data.

ასევე დაგაინტერესებს

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