A web portal Marshalpress appeared in media space on February 18, 2015. is issued by Marshalpress Ltd, which, as of 6 May 2015, was wholly owned by Otar Stepanishvili, former journalist from Info 9. As a result of changes carried out on November 24, 2015, the shares were redistributed between Otar Stepanishvili (49%) and Luka Antidze (51%).

Marshalpress often provides space for press conferences to various persons, who are active supporters of pro-Russian and anti-Western policies; among them are Archil Tchkoidze, leader of Neutral Eurasian Georgia party, and Hamlet Chipashvili, permanent respondent of Media Union Obiektivi.

In 2016 Marshalpress published 7 articles containing editorial hate speech and widely disseminated hate expressions of respondents. Editorial board was disseminating hate speech without any comments and indication of discriminative nature of the content. Besides 2 homophobic photo manipulation, there were cases when materials were mainly titled with homophobic and discriminatory quotes of respondents.

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