Facebook page iNews was created on October 26th, 2015. The page does not contain any information in the “About Us” section; however, we learn from a post published in June 2017 that its “founder and general director” is Lasha Loladze. In 2018, CRRC Georgia added iNews to its list of 65 Facebook pages, which spread disinformation and anti-Western propaganda. In addition, iNews periodically publishes pro-Russian, pro-racist and anti-homophobic posts in support of the current government.

In 2019, iNews was spreading messages aimed at inciting feuds around the events caused by the confrontation between the local population and the government in the Pankisi Valley. iNews posted a video, the description of which claimed that the Pankisi people were shouting “Allah Akbar”. In other posts, one could find Facebook trolls commenting that the Kists worshipped the “other god” to manipulate the orthodox religious sentiments and distancing and alienating the Georgian citizens from the Kists. The report on this topic was published by “Myth Detector” on April 25th, 2019.

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