Pro-Kremlin Edition Geworld “Cites” a German Communist Newspaper to Incite Euroscepticism

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


On November 19, the webpage Georgia and the World published an article titled “Let us Walk the Great Ilia’s Path”. According to the author of the article, “the West got tired of us pretending to be Europeans” and cites an article by a German newspaper Junge Welt, which mentions that Georgia does not belong to Europe geographically and therefore the reason for its aspiration towards EU membership is unclear.

Omar Margvelashvili, the author: “Apparently, the West got so tired of us pretending to be Europeans that a German newspaper Junge Welt published an article titled ‘Georgia is not Europe, learn geography!’. The article was printed during the visit of the President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Georgia. ‘Why does Georgia want to become a member of the European Union when it is geographically not a part of Europe? According to internationally recognized borders, the south-eastern border of Europe passes through the Greater Caucasus. Georgia is located beneath this border, so it is not a part of Europe’ – writes Reinhard Lauterbach, the author of the article.”

Junge Welt newspaper, cited by the author of the Geworld’s article, is a Marxist edition and is assessed as bearing a threat to constitutional order by the Government of Germany, therefore it does not reflect either Germany’s official position or the mainstream opinion of the media.

  • Junge Welt is a Marxist newspaper

Junge Welt was created in 1947 in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and its first edition was published in the Soviet sector of Berlin. Prior to unification of Germany, the newspaper belonged to the Central Council Young Communists’ Organization Free German Youth. Afterwards, the editorial board was staffed with authors from both East and West Germany. Nowadays, Junge Welt is the most left-wing daily edition in Germany. The editorial board of the newspaper has underlined that the newspaper is Marxist. Federal Agency for Civic Education of Germany, a sub-agency of the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Germany, assesses Junge Welt as a left-wing extremist media outlet and a threat to the constitutional order.


Junge Welt published the article titled “Europe is Everywhere” on October 9, 2019. The publication concerned the visit of the President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Georgia. He supported Georgia’s aspiration towards European and Euro-Atlantic organizations, to which Junge Welt commented that Georgia is geographically not a part of Europe, as the border passes through the Greater Caucasus, while Georgia is beneath it.

  • Scandal related to Junge Welt

The scandal is associated with the August 13, 2011 edition of Junge Welt, when the newspaper published a photo of GDR soldiers standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The photo was taken on August 13, 1961, when the Berlin Wall was erected and the soldiers were protecting the newly built wall. Junge Welt devoted the front page of the aforementioned edition to the 50th anniversary of constructing the Berlin Wall and thanked the GDR soldiers for their 28 years of service (1961-1989). The front page also featured a caption next to the photo of GDR soldiers: “At this point we just say ‘thank you’.”.


The August 13, 2011 edition of Junge Welt caused outrage among other media outlets and German Bundestag. The most left-wing German party Die Linke denounced the newspaper and said that it would cease cooperation with it.

About Geworld

The founder of the newspaper Georgia & World and its online-edition www.geworld. ge is LTD Historical Heritage. The establishment of Historical Heritage in 2009 was publicly welcomed by the then President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev. One of the members of the public council of Historical Heritage is Aleksandre Chachia, a political scientist whom Dmitry Medvedev, in July 2008, awarded an order for “great contribution to friendship and cooperation with the Russian Federation.” Another pro-Russian NGO, Eurasian Institute, is also a partner of Historical Heritage. Along with anti-Western attitudes, the publication is notorious for its Turkophobic, racist and homophobic content.

See Myth Detector’s publications about Geworld’s disinformation on the following link

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