Occultist-Satanic Building or the Georgian Intelligence Service?

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Reading Time: 4 minutes


On March 30, a Facebook user „დავით თორდია. უკვე დროა“ (Davit Tordia. It Is Time) published a YouTube video with a description claiming that the viewers would see a strong occultist-satanic building and will find out something about vaccines. In the beginning of the video, the author speaks about a secret building next to Tbilisi Sea. He also mentions that, as he had found out, this building belongs to the US intelligence. Having arrived at the location, he points out that the US chose Tbilisi for a strong occultist influence. In the second part of the video, while talking about vaccines, Tordia states that Bill Gates has not vaccinated his children, while the pandemic was planned in advance and its plan was presented during the 2012 London Olympics. A Facebook page „ახალგაზრდული“ (For Young People) also published identical information about the alleged occultist building in Tbilisi.


The claim by Davit Tordia and “For Young People” about the alleged occultist-satanic building in Tbilisi is disinformation. The building actually belongs to the Georgian Intelligence Service. Bill Gates’ all three children have been vaccinated, while the disinformation about the alleged connection between the London Olympics and the pandemic has been disseminated since spring 2020.

  • The “strong occultist-satanic building”, shown in the video, is the building of the Georgian Intelligence Service.

The building at the Utsnob Gmirta Street, that, according to Davit Tordia, belongs to the US and is a strong occultist center, in fact, belongs to the Georgian Intelligence Service.


The official website of the Georgian Intelligence Service indicates that the building is located at the Utsnob Gmirta Street.


A photo published by the official Facebook page of the Service shows an identically shaped building.


The State Intelligence Department of Georgia was an independent institution from 1997. The Department was renamed into the Georgian Intelligence Service in 2010. Since 2013, the Georgian Intelligence Service has been a special institution of the executive under a direct subordination of the Prime Minister of Georgia. In 2015, then Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili, and the Head of the Intelligence Service, Davit Sujashvili, visited an opening ceremony of the new administrative building of the Intelligence Service at the Utsnob Gmirta Street.

  • Disinformation about Bill Gates’ children and the London Olympics.

In the video, Davit Tordia mentions that Bill Gates does not vaccinate his children against viruses. In fact, all three children of Bill Gates have been fully vaccinated. You can read more about this in an article by Myth Detector:Disinformation About the Vaccination of Bill Gates’ Children, Depopulation, and Chubais

The disinformation about the 2012 London Olympics also featured in Davit Tordia’s video. According to the author of the video, the opening ceremony of the Olympics followed a planned pandemic scenario. To illustrate this, Tordia mentions the “dummy of Boris Johnson” used at the performance, which, in fact, is the Queen of Hearts from the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Myth Detector has fact-checked disinformation related to the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics earlier too: What Links “Исцели Себя Сам” to 2012 London Olympics and Coronavirus?

About Davit Tordia.

Davit Tordia has been publishing anti-vaccination and conspiracy content on his YouTube and Facebook pages since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The author unites such videos under series called “The Voice of Truth”.


Davit Tordia participated in 2019 Zugdidi Mayor Snap Elections as an independent candidate, but withdrew his candidacy “without endorsing anyone”. Earlier, in 2018, he was the head of a research center „ახალი სიტყვა“ (New Word) and organized a demonstration from Mestia to Tbilisi with the aim of “awakening the nation”.

About “For Young People”

“For Young People” was created on July 17, 2018 and changed its name four times. It is noteworthy that the initial name of the page was „ნაციონალისტი“ (Nationalist), only to be renamed to „ნაციონალისტები ახალგაზრდული ლეგიონი“ (Nationalists Youth Legion).


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Violation: Disinformation
Country: Georgia, USA

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