New World Order (NWO) or British National Health Service (NHS)?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On November 28, Facebook user Soso Jajanidze published a post accompanied by the photo of Matt Hancock, British Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, wearing a face mask with an inscription “666 NWO.” Soso Jajanidze claims in his post that anti-Christian forces do not hide their faces that is confirmed by the British Health Minister’s face mask depicting the Mark of the Anti-Christ Beast 666 and a Latin abbreviation NWO, meaning a Zionist-Masonic ideological term “New World Order.”

As of December 1, the post has 120 shares and 98 reactions.


The photo has been doctored. Namely, an authentic inscription on the mask has been changed in the photoshopped image. In fact, the British Health Minister calls on citizens to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The authentic inscription calls for protecting the National Health System (NHS).

The photo spread by Facebook user Soso Jajanidze has been photoshopped. In fact, the authentic photo posted by British Health Minister Matt Hancock on his Twitter on July 24 reads not “666 NWO”, but “Protect NHS,” involving the calls for protecting the British National Health Service (NHS) through wearing face marks.


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