Who Spreads the Fake Quote of Giorgi and Grigol Vashadze?

1 September, 2021

On August 31st and September 1st, Facebook accounts "Political Satire" and "Savior of Georgia" have published the pictures and a quote of the members of the newly-created political platform "Mesame Dzala" [Third Force]. According to the circulated screenshot, the members of the "Mesame Dzala" perceive the protection of sexual minorities as the main challenge for the country.

The screenshot disseminated on social media is false. Identical or similar statements made by the members of "Mesame Dzala" cannot be found neither in open sources nor on their private and official Facebook pages.

The statement where Giorgi and Grigol Vashadze proclaim the protection of sexual minority rights as the main challenge for the country cannot be found in any open source. Identical or similar statements do not appear on their personal and official Facebook pages.

In June 2020, during his interview with "Tabula," Giorgi Vashadze emphasized that the protection of minority rights represents the foundation of modern democracy; therefore, his team would make sure that the rights of any minority are protected in this country. However, he never labelled the protection of sexual minorities as the main challenge for the country.

In July 2021, Grigol Vashadze commented about "Tbilisi Pride," stating that the Georgian law is not equally applied to every Georgian citizen since, for some of them, the freedom of speech and assembly is being constrained. Vashadze emphasized that everyone has a right to hold a demonstration, be it a member of sexual minorities, falcon hunters, or cyclists. The constitution should be one for everyone.

Grigol Vashadze: "If it was a peaceful demonstration, I do not care at all who it should have been - sexual minorities, falcon hunters, cyclists or archivists. I do not care at all. We either have a constitution, or we do not have one."

It is noteworthy that "Strategy Agmashenebeli" and the United National Movement, chaired by Grigol Vashadze, signed a memorandum prepared by Tbilisi Pride on May 16th, 2021, to eliminate discrimination violence against LGBT people. According to the memorandum, political parties would ensure the freedom of assembly and expression of every citizen, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Furthermore, the parties agreed not to stir up social strife and use hate speech in the political process.

About the Source
Irakli Jankarashvili, a supporter of the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia (AoP) and author of Tvalsazrisi.ge, published an identical photo with a different description on August 30th. The screenshot published by Jankarashvili says that Grigol and Giorgi Vashadze are officially uniting to save the country. However, the rest of the details on the screenshot published by him are identical to that of "Political Satire" and "Savior of Georgia." (Number of views, date of publication of information, the inscription "Third Force")

Facebook accounts of "Political Satire" and "Savior of Georgia" often publish pro-Kremlin, anti-Western messages on social media. The posts are most of the time supportive of the "Alliance of Patriots of Georgia" and aim to discredit the opposition and the critical media. It should be noted that "Political Satire" released a screen of Giorgi Vashadze's false comments in August as well:

The Facebook account “Savior of Georgia” identifies as the supporter of “Alternative for Georgia.” The following can be observed by the frame used alongside the profile picture. Nonetheless, the published content clarifies that the account supports the Alliance of Patriots.

It should be noted that the posts of Irakli Jankarashvili, Political Satire and Savior of Georgia are identical, which gives the impression that they are administered by the same person.

One of the posts published on these accounts aimed to poll Facebook users about Georgia's strategic partners, although some identical posts suggest that the U.S. can no longer be trusted, which is further demonstrated by the example of Afghanistan.

The accounts of Irakli Jankarashvili and the "Savior of Georgia" also contain a quote from Irma Inashvili, in which the leader of the "Patriots Alliance" states that Georgia should initiate direct dialogue with Russia.
The same accounts contain discrediting and homophobic posts against political opponents:
In June 2020, Myth Detector studied Irakli Jankarashvili's pages and related platforms, revealing that they aligned with pro-governmental, anti-liberal, and pro-Russian platforms:

Prepared by Ani Kistauri

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