Vaccination Wasn’t the Cause of Death of the Girl Who Died in Iraq – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

27 May, 2021

On May 25, Facebook user Shore Shanidze published a post stating that Ruso Dedopalidze from Kobuleti died of the Pfizer vaccine. Later she deleted the post and went live, where she spoke about the same topic and said that the heart of the girl, aged 29 from Kobuleti, stopped on the third day after the Pfizer vaccine.

Information about Ruso Dedopalidze from Kobuleti dying of Pfizer vaccine was published by Facebook user ბოლო ჟამის ქრისტიანები (Christians of Apocalypse). The aforesaid post stated that Dedopalize received the Pfizer vaccine in Iraq.

As for the Facebook users Dato Salukvadze, Nika Lashareli, and Tornike Noniashvili, they wrote that Ruso Dedopalize, aged 29, died in Kobuleti. Publication “Akhali Taoba” published Tornike Noniashvili’s post without any alternation. On May 26, information about 29 years old woman who died of Pfizer vaccine was published on the webpage


Information, disseminated by Facebook users, as well as “Akhali Taoba” and, about Ruso Dedopalize, aged 29, dying of Pfizer vaccine is not true. Ministry of Foreign Affairs told “Myth Detector” that the death has no connections to the coronavirus vaccine.

In order to verify the information about the death of 29 years old Ruso Dedopalidze from Kobuleti, “Myth Detector” initially contacted the National Center for Disease Control, where they stated that there is no record of a vaccinated or deceased individual with such name and surname.

Since the information about a deceased individual residing in Iraq has circulated on social network, "Myth Detector" contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to verify the information. The agency stated that a citizen of Georgia with the aforesaid name and surname, indeed, passed away in Iraq, however, they categorically denied the connection between the cause of death and Pfizer vaccine shot

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