Nino Nino or dato.okribelashvili – Who Spreads Disinformation regarding the Controlled Burning?

10 August, 2021

On August 9th, the Facebook user “Nino Nino” shared a video showcasing how a person sets a specific part of the field on fire. According to the description, the video demonstrates how the world is burned down artificially to reduce the level of oxygen. As of August 9th, the post has accumulated 23000 shares.


The description of the shared video is false. In reality, the video showcases the process of controlled burning aimed at preventing fires and revitalizing the forest areas. The practice has been used for many years now, is carried out by the firefighters and does not aim to reduce oxygen on the planet.

The video was initially uploaded by the Instagram user chuckyy.__ on July 21st, 2020. According to the description, the video showcases one of the controlled burning operations, aiming to prevent the spread of similar fires in the future through the principle “Fight Fire with Fire.”


According to the user's profile description, he himself is a firefighter and often shares content about fighting fires.


‘Controlled burning’, on the other hand, represents a widely-shared practice of managing the forest areas and preventing the emergence of fires. The process is carried out under the supervision of experts in specific meteorological conditions not to harm the forest areas and the adjacent settlements. After extinguishing the controlled fire, more space and sunlight is provided for the forest plants, which supports the revitalization of the environment.

[D]ato.okribelashvili.77 or Nino Nino?

The video with a false description was published on Facebook by the user “Nino Nino,” which is most likely a fake account since the URL address indicates dato.okribelashvili.77. The account does not include any picture revealing the identity of the user.


The account actively spreads content directed against the “Namakhvani HPP,” supports the party “Unity, Essence, Hope” of Levan Vasadze and shares anti-vaccination sentiments.


Not to mention, the Facebook account of Nino Nino includes the pictures of the participant of the violent anti-Pride demonstration of July 5th, 2021, including the picture of Davit Kutaladze, who was arrested for beating Lekso Lashkarava, the deceased cameraman of “TV Pirveli.”


Prepared by Mariam Dangadze

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